Michael Stipe Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Michael Stipe Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram.

Michael Stipe Net Worth 2020 – Multi-talented Michael Stipe is an American singer, songwriter, musician, film producer, music video director, visual artist, and philanthropist.

He is active in the musical field since 1980.

Michael Stipe Net Worth


American singer Michael Stipe was born in  Decatur, Georgia. He was born on 4 January 1960 and named as John Michael Stipe. He was born as the second child of four children. Heis younger sister Lynda Stipe is also a singer of her own band ‘Hetch Hetchy’.

He is of North American ethnicity and has an American nationality. His father worked as a serviceman in the United States Army which is why they often relocate from one place to another. Since childhood, he has built up a strong interest in music.

Stipe graduated from high school in Collinsville, Illinois and attended the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. In the University, he studied studying photography and painting as an art major.

Talking about the career journey of Michael Stipe, he is active in the musical field since 1980. In 1980, he has become part of a band Tanzplagen. Then he met Peter Buck at the Wuxtry record shop with whom he started writing music.

Later, they were joined by Bill Berry and Mike Mills and named themselves R.E.M. The name was selected by Stipe at random from a dictionary. All of them dropped out from their schools to focus on the band.

They released their first single Radio Free Europe which became a college radio success. Then they signed with the  I.R.S. Records for the release of the Chronic Town EP one year later.

Their first album Murmur released in 1983 followed by their second album Reckoning in 1984. Stipe gained so much attention from the listeners due to his vocals and lyrics.

R.E.M first album Murmur won the Rolling Stone Critics Poll Album of the Year. In 1985, they traveled to England to record their third album Fables of the Reconstruction. 

Their brand has also recorded a song Let Me In from the 1994 album Monster in tribute to Cobain.

They disband their band R.E.M in the year of 2011. Stipe has worked together with many artists like  Natalie Merchant, Tori Amos, Miguel Bose, Lacoste, and Chris Martin.

In addition, Stipe also participated in a Super-8 film called Just Like a Movie.

On 10 April 2014, he inducted the American grunge band Nirvana into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On 15 March 2017, he announced that he would debut his first solo composition at Moogfest.

Height and Weight

He stands 175 cm tall.


Michael Stipe Net Worth

Michael Stipe’s vocals and lyrics for the album “Murmur” got widespread appreciation and later, it won the Rolling Stones Album of the Year Award beating Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

In 2007, Michael Stipe’s name went into the Rock and Roll, Hall of fame.

Net Worth

Michael Stipe Net Worth

All this adds up to make the net worth of Michael Stipe to be a considerable $75 million.

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