Melissa Harris-Perry Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Awards and Net Worth

Melissa Harris-Perry Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, Awards and Net Worth

Melissa Harris-Perry Net Worth Melissa Harris-Perry is an American television host, a political commentator, professor, and writer. Over the period, she has earned popularity and reputation through her endeavors and hard works.

Here, we will explore concerning details on Melissa Harris-Perry about her married life as well as her net worth in 2019 and her career, read the following article.

Melissa Harris-Perry Net Worth 2019

Melissa Harris-Perry Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

Melissa Harris-Perry was born on 2 October 1973. The first dean of African-Americans at the University of Virginia, William M. Harris, was her father. Diana Gray, the mother of Harris-Perry, taught and did doctoral studies in a community college. She has also worked for NGOs that provide services like daycare centers, rural community health and access to reproductive care for poor women.

Melissa was born in the Seattle region but grew up in Chesterfield Country, Virginia. She has been interested in politics since an early age and has been committed to fighting color racism.

She studied in Virginia at Thomas Dale High School. Later, she graduated in English from the University of Wake Forest and the University of Duke with a Master in political science.


Melissa began her professional career at Chicago University as a professor and taught political science for nearly seven years until 2006. She then went to Princeton University where she worked as an Associate Professor. Melissa tried a full Princeton professorship but was dismissed.

In 2011 she moved to Tulane University where she was appointed the director of the Anna Julia Cooper project. She then returned to WakeForestUniversity on 1 July 2014, where she was entrusted with political and international responsibilities. She was appointed to the Presidential Chair of the Maya Angelou University of Wake Forest.

Melissa Harris-Perry Net Worth

Her multi-talented stance has given her various tasks. Based on black political thinking, she wrote the award-winning Barbershops, BET, and Bible. Melissa is a columnist outside the classroom for renowned journals like The Nation magazine, where she writes a monthly column also known as Sister Citizen. Besides, on several media platforms, she is an expert in effectively commenting on issues such as U.S. elections, racism, religion and gender discrimination.

Her scholarship is heavily motivated by her wish to remove the barriers facing Black Americans and to better understand how African Americans respond to these issues.

Her work has been published and edited in journals, and her interest is to study of African American political thought, black religious conceptions and practice, and social and clinical psychology. Melissa V. Harris-Perry serves as a television host for the MSNBC eponymy show called Melissa Harris-Perry.


In 2005, Melissa won the W.E.B. Du Bois book award for her first book “Barbershops, Bibles and BET” from the Black Political Scientists National Conference. The book is also the best book in the race and ethnic politics. From her famous show, she has also achieved the GLAAD Media Award.

Net Worth

In 2019 the net value of Melissa Harris-Perry grew significantly. She is even more successful in finance. Some sources recently affirmed that the net profit of Melissa Harris-Perry is said to be at US$ 75 million. Melissa is already in the list of the world’s largest paid TV host. All her net worth of her earnings is accumulated through her hard works and efforts.