Matthew Hussey Girlfriend and Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Matthew Hussey Girlfriend and Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Matthew Hussey Girlfriend and Net Worth – Life coach, dating expert, social media personality and presenter, Matthew Hussey has quite an interesting profile. He is an English man who has made a name by lecturing and tutoring both men and women on life and relationships. He owns a YouTube channel which gives him an avenue to reach his audience. He has featured on several television shows, magazines, newspapers and radio programmes. Let us learn a little bit more about his life.

Matthew Hussey Girlfriend and Net Worth 2019

Matthew Hussey Girlfriend and Net Worth

Matthew Hussey Early Life, Family and Education:

Matthew Hussey was born on June 19, 1987, in the English town of Essex. He was born into the family of Stephen and Pauline Hussey along with two other siblings – brothers. The occupation of his parents at the time of his birth is not known, however, his father currently runs the family’s business. This business is said to be built on the proceeds of Matthew’s book, Get That Guy. He attended Williams College in Massachusetts for his university education and decided to further study at the Stanford School of Business where obtained an M.B.A.

One of his brothers, Stephen is known to help in the development of Matthew’s video contents and also makes occasional features on the videos while the identity of the other is not known.

Who is Matthew Hussey Girlfriend:

Matthew Hussey Girlfriend and Net Worth

Matthew Hussey and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello enjoys their visit at Cabo-San Lucas on Mexico in February 2018 (Photo:

The metaphysics of romantic relationship is almighty as the renowned philosophers also find arduous to deal it. British love guru Matthew Hussey has a strong philosophy towards a romantic link that he explains; when one close down a relationship, there is no more space, and the desire cannot breathe and gets suffocated.

The YouTube personality Matthew is a relationship expert mostly known as a British dating coach and a writer. The love guru works on the Australian television series, The Single Wives providing love advice.

As per source, Matthew believes that when one does not see the person, there are relationship problems. The dating guru also shared one of the examples of the relationship problem. He said that when the ‘people have 20 years of married life, they felt as understood by their partner ten years ago than today.’

The best-selling self-help book author has the philosophy that when the bondage of the married life falls apart, it is not due to a lack of love. According to Matthew, the married life often cuddled into pieces due to one’s husband or wife’s lack of desire. His opinion towards the key to a fantastic relationship is ‘never to stop flirting with one’s husband or wife.’

Matthew also has addressed some of the gay radars on his social media. On his tweet of 5 April 2013, he mentioned that it does not matter if a person is gay or already in a relationship, but the important thing that matters is one’s attempt and their journey of endeavors.

The love guru, who has a firm verdict on the bond linking between husband or wife, is not single when it comes to his romantic affair. He is dating an American singer Camila Cabello. The duo’s relationship first came into limelight in February 2018 after they were spotted packing on PDA on Mexico beach. On their February’s trip, the pair went to Cabo-San Lucas and shared a romantic kiss.

Matthew also confessed that he has baby plans with his girlfriend, Camila. The Essex native added that he behaved selfishly in the previous relationship but would not make the same mistakes on his relationship with the American singer. His girlfriend also had already expressed happiness during the podcast of The Dan Wootton in March 2018.

In August 2018 when the Dutch singer Elieve said in her Dutch radio show interview that she and Camila were once dating the same guy (Matthew) in London, rumors of cheating allegation heated across the dating guru. But Matthew and Camila dissed the heated gossips and gave their relationship goal during the romantic trip of Chile in October 2018 where they kissed at the airport.

Though Matthew and his girlfriend previously were open about their PDA moments; in December 2018, Camila revealed that the couple wants privacy and she wants to keep their relationship away from the public eye. In her Billboard interview, she mentioned that her mother reminds what is important and teaches her right values to be a good person.

They were last spotted in February 2019 where Eonline captured their rare outing moment. The adorable pair strolled hand-to-hand at their date night in Hollywood. They showed that their relationship is still going strong amid the cheating speculations surrounding Matthew.

Matthew Hussey Career:

Matthew Hussey began his career as a relationship coach in his late teens, and at this time, most of his advice went to his friends. When he began to take it more seriously, he mentored only men before he switched to coaching women between the ages of 20 to 69 in 2008. He would provide his services to women at cafés around London. His fame grew with time and so did his audience. In the same year, he created a YouTube channel where he gave relationship advice to women. He began with a series he titled Get the Guy which became very popular among women and enriched Matthew with a lot of subscribers.

In 2010, he relocated to the United States and continued in this line of business; he also added live events and other digital materials helpful to the women on relationships and dating to his series on his channel. With all his efforts came immense results as his followership included celebrity actresses, notable among them being Eva Longoria and Tyra Banks.

Matthew Hussey did not just stop with his channel, but he started organizing long hours of seminars, retreats such as the ‘Women’s Weekend’ and ‘The Matthew Hussey Retreat’ and also online tutorials all at a fee of $7,000. What a romantic way to be rich! His retreats, which took place in various cities in the US and the UK, had a record number of women in attendance. He extended his life and dating coaching to television. He got regular slots in several television stations where he gave relationship advice. Some of which are This Morning Show, The Vanessa Show, Plain Jane International, Rachael Ray, FabLife, among others. These shows vary from early morning talk shows to top fashion shows.

Matthew’s seminars and talks mostly involve diagnosis, how to ask the right questions, question and answer sections, gendered advice, text messages and lines to use for varying situations.

Asides being on television shows, Matthew Hussey has also been allotted column pages where he dishes out more of his advice. He has also been featured on many top-notch magazines and newspapers such as The Daily Mail, OK!, Men’s Health, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, et cetera.

Controversies have risen over the charges Matthew imposes on those who wish to have a one on one session with him. It has been confirmed that his clients pay the sum of $10,000 for such appointments. However, this rather huge sum of money has not deterred his clients.

Asides being a YouTube personality and a life coach, Matthew Hussey is also a writer. He is the author of New York Times bestseller Get The Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve which was published in 2013.

Matthew Hussey Achievement:

Matthew Hussey has gathered his net worth as a British dating coach, YouTube personality, and writer. According to Socialblade, his self-titled YouTube channel has estimated earnings of $1.8K – $28.1K monthly and $21.1K – $337.5K yearly. On his Get the Guy seminars, he offers one-on-one coaching for the price tag of $10,000 per hour which has brought both attraction and controversies on the media.

The dating coach also provides online tutorials and seven-hour seminars along with $4,000 retreats in the United States and Great Britain. As a writer, he is collecting revenues from Cosmo magazine as a columnist since 2015. Matthew’s best-selling self-help book Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve has added fortunes to his net worth.