Matt Ox Net Worth 2020, Biography, Family and Career

Matt Ox Net Worth 2020, Biography, Family, and Career

Matt Ox Net Worth 2020 – Matt Ox is Philadelphia’s leading preteen viral rap star who is making it big with over 10 million spins on SoundCloud.

Matt Ox Net Worth 2019

With his band called OX Gang, young-bull Matt Ox managed to amass a whopping 2 million views in just a few weeks, thanks to his amazing rap skills.


Matt was born on December 13, 2004, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He was raised in the Lawncrest neighborhood of Northeast Philly by his mother Laurel after his father committed suicide following a mental illness. At that time, Ox was just two years old.

While still a toddler, Matt was already a public figure, thanks to his looks. He was featured in the popular journals and media like The New York Times, XXLMag and lots more.

His passion for music probably started with his uncle who usually takes him to the studio. He was also inspired by great artists like Eminem, and Marilyn Manson and today, Matt has become a young, vibrant musician with undisputable rapping skills.

Matt began writing his own raps at the young age of 8 and by age 11, he was already taking his music career with much dedication.  As a result, he was able to release his very first album Pretty Penny in January 2017. He has also been able to collaborate with rappers and singers like Chxpo, Lil Tracy and Swami Mags.

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More to it, Matt Ox worked with notable producers like OogieMane and Forza who helped in making his track – Low Key a success. The track was released in February 2017 and it was followed up with such songs as Michael MyersThis N That and Problem Child.

Today, the young rapper is best known for his viral hit single Overwhelming which was played over 10,000 times for the first time on SoundCloud. Its music video which was directed by Public Cinema Club (Pipus & Kendra) also gained over 19 million views on YouTube. In addition, it drew much attention from publications like The New York Times and XXL magazine.

Matt Ox’s Family

Although there is no information about his siblings, details about him have it that he is being home-schooled and his career as a rap artist is probably supported and sponsored by his own mother. In an interview with some media channels, the young rapper disclosed that his success in his career couldn’t have been possible without a guild with his mother, Laurel.

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  • Matt Ox had written and recorded several tracks before he became a social-media sensation. He produced and uploaded many tracks on ‘SoundCloud,’ but over time, he realized that those songs were not flawless and he deleted them. He had an uncle who was a small-time music producer.
  • One of his first singles was ‘Pretty Penny,’ which made its ‘SoundCloud’ debut in January 2017. The song was popular on the portal, and through it, Matt got in touch with an artist named F1lthy, who later became his manager. He also introduced Matt to his crew named ‘Working on Dying.’ The crew had music producers such as Oogie Mane and Forza, who promised to produce tracks for Matt’s future singles.
  • Matt’s first contribution to the official channel of ‘Working on Dying’ was the single ‘Low Key.’ The song became viral and brought Matt significant attention from the artistic and rapping community.
  • Two weeks later, Matt released another music video, for the single titled ‘This N That.’ The video has earned close to seven million “views” on ‘YouTube’ to date. Soon, Matt became a known face in the rap music scene and began receiving offers to join several rapping crews. However, he insisted on staying with ‘Working on Dying.’
  • Matt’s greatest success was his song ‘Overwhelming,’ which was released on May 2018. The video garnered more than two million “views” within just a few days of its release. The single presently has more than 23 million “views” on ‘YouTube.’
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Net Worth of Matt Ox

Being exceptionally good in hip-hop, trap rap, cloud rap, Matt has a growing net worth of about $150000. His latest song “Overwhelming” which was released in 2017, helped to push his fame higher and also made him richer. Recently, the young rapper turned down contracts with Meek Mill (Dream Chasers Records), and from Lil Uzi Vert (Generation Now).

According to reports, Matt refused a contract with Meek Mill mainly because he wanted people to talk about him and not about the King of Philly. In September 2017, she performed alongside rapper Chief Keef in Los Angeles.

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