Marty Raney Wife, Career, Achievements, and Net Worth Update

You probably know Marty Raney and his Homestead show. Let’s talk about Marty Raney Wife, her career, and her influence on the man. Marty Raney married the love of his life Mollee Roestel and right after the marriage, he moved to Alaska with his newlywed wife. The beautiful couple dated for several years before exchanging the wedding vows in front of family and close friends. Keep reading for more details.

Marty Raney Wife

Early Life and Biography

The Raney patriarch was raised in an isolated town in North Bend, Washington. He realized his true passion for old-world craftsmanship during his teenage years.

At 16, Marty made the hard choice to live away from the comforts of a home and even quit school to chase his dreams.

There is an absence of specific information on his birth date or the family he grew up in. But the Master stone mason rose to fame after being cast on National Geographic Channel’s ‘Ultimate Survival Alaska.’

In 1974, the outdoorsman must have been in his mid 20’s when he kick-started a lifetime of adventures in the logging camps of Southeast Alaska.

The skilled hunter set up his first abode in a floating logging camp on the Prince of Wales Island.

For the first time in 1986, he set his mind to climbing the highest mountain peak in North America, Denali, and proved himself victorious.

Having gained years of experience, he guided other climbers in 1986 and has continued doing it for more than four decades now.

Marty often journeys to the top of the summit with his guitar to sing Alaskan songs.

His musical endeavors earned immense defamation after the 1997 song – ‘Adam and Steve’ – release, that possesses a homophobic undertone.

Marty Raney Wife and Children

Mollee Roestel is the name of a famous American television personality, who is better known as the wife of a famous American mountaineer, TV actor, singer, and songwriter Marty Raney.

Marty Raney Wife

She is also a proud mother of a famous actress named Misty Raney. Mollee is a reserved and circumspect lady who would like to keeps her personal matters away from the public eye.

Talking about her personal life, she is a married woman.

Mollee married a famous television personality, Marty Raney is blessed with four wonderful children from their protracted married life.

The first-born child of this family is a girl named Melanee.  One of their children’s Misty Raney is also a famous actress.

Her husband Marty is a famous Homestead Builder, Master Stone Mason, and TV actor who has appeared in famous TV Shows.

Unexpectedly, Marty Raney and his wife were wild enthusiasts. Therefore, after marriage, the couple agreed to move to Haines, a seemingly isolated area in Alaska.

His life has awed many since he gave up city life and decided to explore and settle in dangerous Alaska. Raney is also an established TV actor.

Marty has credits for his appearances on the Homestead Rescue reality show on Discovery Channel.

Despite living most of his life in the limelight, Marty Raney has successfully kept the details of his marriage private.

After he tied the knot with an Alaskan native, Mollee Roestel, the newlyweds moved to Haines.

The place was somewhat infamous for its high concentration of Alaskan brown bears, yet the couple decided to set up their permanent abode in this incredibly remote homestead.

They welcomed their first child, Melanee, who was delivered on Canadian land. Their second daughter, Miles, was born in Sitka, Alaska.

The Raney matriarch and her first two offspring have chosen to live an off-grid life away from the spotlight.

The two children who accompany their father on all adventures and expeditions are Misty and Matt Raney.

The family’s youngest daughter, Misty, is a homestead builder and carpenter like him. She lives a double life in Alaska and Hawaii, having married a carpenter and surfer, Maciah Bilodeau.

Matt is the heir to their homestead building business, Alaska Stone and Log, which mainly runs in summers.

Much like his elder siblings, he was born in the Alaskan wilderness and became a specialist in hunting. In addition to being renowned reality TV stars, all of them are accomplished and certified mountaineers.

Marty Raney’s Career

From an early age, he had a deep passion for exploring nature. So he dropped out of school and left home when he was 16 years old.

After two years he moved to Alaska when he was 18 and then never left, dedicating his life to living and working on the land.

His journey began way back in 1974 when he moved into the logging camps of Southeast Alaska.

In his journey, he has rescued several Alaskans from the freezing winds and snow. He climbed the mountain Denali for the first time and eventually began his own guiding expeditions company in 1986.

Mountain Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America. His business, Alaska Stone and Log Company, is now also run by his children.

Marty got more attention after appeared in the Discovery Channel show Homestead Rescue, people are fascinated by Raney’s story.

Apart from this, he has featured in several films like the Spirit of Alaska, Surviving Denali, and Han Denali as a climbing guide.

In addition, he has few songs like “Alaska Tattooed Lady”, “Him and the Mountains”,  “I Really Caribou You”, “You Never Wrote”, “Cookie Cutter Cowboys”, and “I’ve Been Everywhere”.

His talent and skillsets have earned him a fortune.

Mollee Roestel Salary & Net Worth

Her fortune is $200,000. She has racked money from her sporadic TV Appearances and some other works. On the other hand, Mollee’s husband Marty has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

For her suppressed nature, she has not yet disclosed her actual worth in public.

Actually, she is a simple person and never likes to attract public attention by publicly displaying her wealth.

We will update this section when we get and verify information about the wealth and properties under her name.

On the other hand, her celebrity husband has a net worth of $1 Million. he also derives a steady salary of $79 thousand an annual salary from Homestead Rescue. Apart from that, Marty runs few businesses of his own along with his children.

Marty Raney Rumors and Controversies

Raney is the host of the show called Homestead Rescue which introduced him to the world.

Besides that, his celebrity status grew even more after he launched his own songs like Alaska Tattooed Lady, Him & the Mountains, and I’ve Been Everywhere.

Marty Raney Wife

Even though his status as a celebrity might’ve bought some rumors and controversies, Marty Raney stays as far as possible from such news. So far, there are no scandals surrounding the action man of Alaska.

“I’m a man of action. I’m a man that gets something done, right or wrong, nothing happens until someone starts moving- so standing around talking doesn’t do much for me.”

This was the statement he said describing his passion for the adventure. Today, let’s explore the action of the man’s married life.

Raney and Mollee’s wedding was an intimate affair. Right after the marriage, the duo moved to settle in the midst of a wild population of Alaskan Brown Bears.

His married life with his wife is in a very healthy state. Marty’s wife does not feature in the show Homestead Rescue.

The couple is together for more than 40-year and together they are struggling alongside the hard nature of Alaska. Not just Marty, his children are also now part of the adventure.

Mollee was pregnant when the couple was planning to shift to Alaska. Later, Melanee Raney was born who is the daughter of the action man Raney.

Not just her, the couple welcomed three more children over the years.

Marty and Mollee became proud parents to Misty Raney, Miles Raney, and Matthew Raney. Just like their parents, the children grew up in the toughness and bitterness of the Alaskan Weather.

Not just that, Marty raised his children right while giving them the lifetime experience in Alaska.

When the kids were just 10-years-old, along with their father they trekked the Chilkoot Pass. The Chilkoot Pass is the dangerous trail which the family successfully completed.

In the midst of Alaska where there is no power, plumbing, or water inspires the mind to be more creative and the family will spend more time together.

With such a life lesson provided to the kids by the Raney couple, the children surely grow up to be tough.

Fortunately, they opt to share their lives with us by giving us a front-row seat to them through their television reality show.

Marty, daughter Misty, and Matt are the main characters, with Matt being the ‘hunting specialist’ in the group.

We learned quite a bit of very interesting information regarding Matt when we looked into him, information that we just knew you would want to discover as well.

So, if you are a fan of the Raneys and ‘Homestead Rescue’ on any level, or you’re a newcomer just starting to view the series, you’re going to appreciate what we’ve put together above.

Sit back, relax, maybe have ‘Homestead Rescue’ on the TV in the background. Read on to learn more about another Raney family member.

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