Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth 2020, Early Life, Married Life, Career and Net Worth

Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth 2020, Early Life, Married Life, Career and Net Worth

Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth – Marriage to the wealthiest criminal in the world was a mixture of luxury and misery for Maria Victoria Henao. The very beautiful lady is widely recognized as the widow of a Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist, Pablo Escobar.

Though her husband provided her with all the good things in life, his bad reputation made life unbearable and dangerous for her sometimes.

Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth

Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education

Henao was born in 1961, in Colombia. She is a Colombian by nationality and belongs to the Colombian ethnicity. She has two siblings – Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo and Pastora Henao Bayen.

Her older brother worked with Pablo while he was still building his network in drug crime.

Since her brother was an important member of Pablo’s small-scale illegal enterprise, Maria had the opportunity to meet him when she was 13. Soon, they fell in love and subsequently decided to tie the knot.

Personal Life

The Henaos never approved Maria’s relationship with Pablo owing to his lower social status. This compelled the love-struck couple to elope in 1976.

At the age of 27, Pablo tied the knot with Maria who was just 15 years old. She gave birth to their first child, Juan Pablo Escobar, on 24 February 1977 and later had their daughter, Manuela Escobar in 1984.

While Maria is a designer and businesswomen, she is popularly known to the world as the wife of the notorious drug lord and cocaine terrorist Pablo Escobar who ran the Medline Cartel in the 70’s and 80’s. The cartel was responsible for more than 80% of drugs smuggled into the United States at the time.

There’s no doubt that Pablo adored his wife and children, but the then budding criminal was involved in numerous affairs and had many mistresses.

One of his numerous affairs (with a journalist named Virginia Vallejo) is well-known and is also well-documented. Maria knew everything about this affair as well as her husband’s other mistresses, but she remained by his side.

Her decision to stay with Pablo sparked several speculations. While many suggest that it was her unconditional love that made her to tolerate Pablo’s shortcomings, Virginia, in her book ‘Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar’, suggested that Maria was addicted to the lavish lifestyle that she had with the drug lord.

Again, Maria also knew that it would be almost impossible for her to take care of herself and her children without the support of her husband. Besides, since she had severed all ties with her family in order to marry Pablo, she couldn’t even seek the help of her family.

Maria was married to Pablo and enjoyed the luxury life she had with him for 17 long years before he was shot dead by police in 1993.

Maria Victoria Henao’s Net Worth

Since the family decided to lead a life completely under a shadow, nothing is known about Henao’s profession and net worth.

Nonetheless, her husband was considered the wealthiest criminal in history, with an estimated known net worth of $30 billion.

Maria Victoria Henao’s Death Rumors

Maria Victoria Henao Net Worth

Apparently, all that glitters can’t be gold. While Henao is still alive till date contrary to the many death rumors that flew around after her husband’s death, Pablo Escobar who broke boundaries in the illegal drug business and met his doom on December 2, 1993, when Colombian police located, caught and then killed him by shooting.

He was 44 years old at the time. His location was tracked after he made a phone call to his son. Police surrounded the building where he was hiding out in Medellin’s carrel. Consequently, he fled to the rooftops, where he was shot dead by the police.

Pictures of his lifeless body lying on the rooftop of Medellín, Colombia broke the internet at the time.

With the notorious criminal out of the way, a team of cops traced Pablo’s house and seized all his assets which left the family with nothing. Maria had to flee to Columbia as the local police were after her.

She led the life of a refugee in Columbia and in many other countries within a short period of time with her children. They later settled in Argentina with new names.

Now 56, Henao who changed her name to María Isabel Santos Caballero to hide her identity is currently living in Argentina with her family.

They have kept a low profile since her husband’s demise and she currently lives in an apartment in Bueno Aires, along with her son and Pablo’s mother.

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