Manuela Testolini Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement.

Manuela Testolini Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement.

Manuela Testolini seems to have a thing for songwriters, and singers. Her former husband, Prince Rogers Nelson, was a multiple award-winning singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist and he was responsible for bringing her to the fore.

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Manuela Testolini was born in Toronto, Canada, on September 19, 1976. Her father is Italian and her mother hails from Egypt.

She was raised alongside her only sibling, a brother named Roberto, born a few years after her.

She attended high school in her community and after her graduation, she enrolled at York University, Toronto, where she earned a degree in Law and Sociology.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Manuela began working in the field of law, but she soon became disillusioned with the justice system and decided to take a break from work to volunteer at a homeless shelter.


Manuela Testolini started her career in law field but shortly started doing volunteering works and began attending homeless shelters where she further enlightened herself.

All this exposure to grief and poor living standards further encouraged Manuela to help less fortunate people and give back to them.

During her career, Manuela has worked with a number of charitable organizations and helped a lot of people.

She has worked with Love4One Another, Young Women’s Empowerment Network, Free Arts Minnesota, and many others to help people in need and help them live a better life.

As the wife of a famous personality, and it is not Eric Benet we are talking about. We will talk about the other man a bit later.

So, as the wife of a famous personality, Manuela received all the needed attention to help people. She also started her own business of manufacturing copper vessels, soy wax candles to patters and arts.

She named her business Altru, a shortened form of Altruism. Altruism basically reflects the belief of giving back to others and helping them in that process.

She then also founded another organization called A Perfect World. A Perfect World is a non-profit organization that works welfare in countries like Haiti, Nepal, and many others.

A part of sales that her business Altru does goes as a fund to her non-profit organization which works for kids welfare in many countries worldwide.

Through the organization, Manuela relentlessly works towards making the stories of people available to people so that they can also start giving back.

Manuela Testolini Net Worth

Net Worth and Achievement 2020

While they were still married, Manuela and Prince were known for their extravagant lifestyle. It has once been reported that Prince used to spend $5K just to fix her up to be seen in public.

Although Manuel’s net worth cannot be absolutely verified, it is reported that she owns jewelry worth more than $185K.

After the divorce from Prince, she got a settlement of about $6 million that including a mansion in Toronto, a Lexus car, and other valuables.