Mandy Moore Family Members and Net Worth 2019, Biography, Education and Career

Mandy Moore Family Members and Net Worth 2019, Biography, Education and Career.

Mandy Moore Family Members and Net WorthMandy Moore is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She is much-loved singer and actress who rose to stardom with her debut single ‘Candy’ which made it to the Billboard Hot 100. Her net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

Mandy Moore Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Mandy Moore Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Mandy Moore Family Members:

Mandy Moore Father

Don Moore

Date of Birth: December, 16

Mandy Moore Family Members

Donald Moore is a strong tall man, who is really proud of his daughter. Till now Mandy maintains a trusting relationship with her father. She tries to find the gap in her schedule and to spend Father’s Day with her parent, or at least to devote him a sweet post in social media.

It’s not a secret that Don used to serve as a pilot of America Airlines, and because of his job, Moore family moved a lot. But he had always been an attentive and supportive dad. He didn’t believe in Mandy’s idea to become an entertainer at first, nevertheless, he took her to singing lessons.

He was upset by his wife decided to split from him in 2008 when both were in their 50s. Nowadays he is happily married to Marz Olson and finally made peace with himself.


Mandy Moore Mother

Stacy Moore-Friedman

Date of Birth: May 7, 1956

Mandy Moore Mother

Mandy Moore’s mother Stacy Moore-Friedman is not just a mother of Mandy and her two brothers; she is also a sensation, who left her husband after almost 3 decades of marriage to start a new life … with a woman.

Mandy told in her interview, that she occasionally read her mother’s drafted e-mail, where she confessed, that she is going to file for divorce because she discovered her homosexuality.

The woman, who used to work as a newspaper reporter, currently lives in Arizona with her female partner Claudette Laliberte, who previously was a tennis player.

Nowadays Mandy accepts her mother’s lifestyle, but when she heard her parent’s confession for the first time, she was really depressed and was even ready to cut all the links with her mom.


Mandy Moore Husband

Taylor Goldsmith (husband since 2018)

Date of Birth: August 16, 1985

Mandy Moore Husband

Mandy Moore tried to hide the details of her wedding with a rock musician Taylor Goldsmith from the public, but finally, she started to share the pics from a solemn ceremony. She tied a knot with a partner of several years on November 18, 2018, in the back part of her LA house. The actress decided to put on a faded pink wedding gown, designed in boho-chic style.

Moore and Goldsmith’s affair started in 2015. They got engaged in early autumn, 2017, and soon Mandy, who is actually not a jewelry person, appeared in public with a beautiful engagement ring.

Currently, she seems unbelievably happy. The actress posts pics with her partner on Instagram and calls him “the right person”.


Mandy Moore Brother

Scott Moore (older brother)

Mandy Moore Brother

It’s an irony of fate, but Scott is gay, too. He came out of a closet, and his sister supported him in public. Mandy tells, that her brother feels confident and very natural as a gay, so she is happy for him.

Currently, the man resides with his male partner in Los Angeles and works on TV. He hosts “Looking After” show, which is a special edition for HBO fans, where the host discusses the episodes of new series, previously released at the channel.


Mandy Moore Brother

Kyle Moore (younger brother)

Mandy Moore Brother

It’s hard to tell, whether it was Kyle’s mom or something else, which had an impact on him, but he is also an open gay. He is in good terms with his older sister Mandy. The actress tells, she likes, when there are no secrets in her family. They are happy together, although in a non-traditional way.