Maid of Honor Speech Examples 2020 – Comprehensive Guide

Maid of Honor Speech Examples 2020 – Comprehensive Guide.

Maid of Honor Speech Examples 2020 – Comprehensive Guide – Being chosen to be a Maid of honor for whatever relationship you share with the bride whether it’s a sister, friend or bestie is a very beautiful opportunity but equally tasking.

And when it comes down to writing a maid of honor speech, it can be stressful. Most times you are overwhelmed with so much emotion, many things you’d want to say and share but don’t know how to proceed.

Don’t look further anymore; here are guidelines on how to write a Maid of honor speech and a few notable examples.

Guidelines For Writing Maid of Honor Speech

Firstly, you could begin by introducing yourself to the crowd, stating your relationship with the bride. Then you propose a toast. That could be at the beginning of your speech or the end, depending on how you intend to write.

As the maid of honor, you could describe the bride for her beautiful qualities which you’ve known her for or tell a short story about her to this effect. Do not resort to flattery. It is necessary you are sincere and speak from your heart which would express your feelings towards the occasion.

When writing though be cautious about how much you say. There are certain things that should not be included. Avoid talks of exes and failures in past relationships.

Even though you may include a short story about you and the bride, do not include embarrassing details or certain very personal facts.

You can include good nature humor, a spice of poetry and sparkle of sincerity. Also, ending with a love quote would be a bonus to keep your speech appreciable. Do not make your speech too long except you intend to bore your audience. Keep it short, simple, and enjoyable.

Maid of Honor Speech Examples 2020

1. I have never been a strong believer in true love. To me, I felt it could only be found on pages of mills and boons or what other romantic books cover out there. But if that’s so, then these two must have been plucked out of one of those pages. As magically thrilling as that would be, they were not.

(___Name of bride ___) and I have been friends for such a long time and I can tell she is not made of paper or ink. She’s like every one of us; feels, laughs, cries, smiles but most admirable is how she loves. It’s pure and true. And being a witness to that has made me a believer again. Thank you. Thank you for showing us that love in its purity and truth is not a myth, but very much real like you both standing before us.

This is a  toast to true love, bliss, and happiness.

2. We are gathered here in numbers to celebrate love so beautiful; these two (___Name of bride and groom___). I and the bride have been friends for a very long time almost like we’re sisters. I’ve seen her laugh, cry, but more beautiful was seeing her love. It was a gift; to be given such an opportunity to behold the beauty of such passionate love.

She is the kindest, most caring and loving soul and I don’t think there would have been any other perfect match for her than her handsome heartthrob ( name of the groom).

Here’s a toast to this amazing couple.

3. Sometimes, the loveliest things are the little things we overlook. Like a warm smile, a kind gesture, a heart of genuine gratitude. You, (___Name of bride ___) are the embodiment of such beauty. Knowing you as a friend and a sister has been a beautiful thing to have experienced. Today we are here to celebrate you, and your groom: the kindest, loving and adorable couple I’ve known.

Here’s a toast, wishing you Joy, happiness, love and all the beauty life has to offer. You both deserve it and so much more.

4. (___Name of bride ___) is dearer than a friend to me. She’s a sister. As you all can see, she is enchantingly beautiful. Very lovely. Now you’d understand how and why I’d be very guarding of such lovely beauty. Especially if a boy comes into the picture. But she meeting the groom, her heartthrob who is you all can see is equally handsome, kind and loving. Watching these two In love, nurturing their it to bloom in such beauty that we are here seated under its shade to celebrate them.

This is wishing them all the best in their married life. Cheers, to love.

Maid of Honor Speech Examples 2020 – Comprehensive Guide

5. A person is never without flaws, without mistakes and imperfections that come from being human. Despite these, a person is not without love, Kindness, beauty and all the things that make them beautiful regardless of their imperfections.

In light of this, allow me to confess that I’ve not met a couple who compliments each other like these two. Strength in weaknesses, safety in insecurities, peace, and calm in the midst of raging chaos; together they have perfected themselves in love. True to the statement, they were made for each other.

I am happy to be a witness to this union and here is a toast wishing them happiness, love and bliss.

6. Being a best friend to (___Name of bride ___) is like a front row seat to the most beautiful staged show. We have shared laughs, smiles and joy. I have seen her tears, felt her fears and uncertainties. But the most beautiful part was watching her fall in love with (__ Name of the groom___). Now here the both stand, taking another beautiful step together. I must say, he ( the groom) is a lucky man for (___Name of bride ___) is such a treasure – as a person and as a beloved friend.

Today I pray you both heaven’s blessings, happiness and all the love, beauty and bliss in your married life.

7. I’d start by saying (___Name of bride ___), you are extraordinarily beautiful. Not just because of today. You have always been beautiful. At heart, soul, and flesh. Not to be cliched but knowing you have been the most beautiful things to have happened to me. You are smart, kind, intelligent, compassionate and loving. And finding someone who is as smart, intelligent, kind, compassionate and loving it beautiful and amazing.

I’m proposing a toast, wishing you all the best, all the beauty, all the joy and all the love in your married life.

8. People say you find love in the strangest places. But love is never a stranger for when you meet her, it feels like you’ve known each other forever. That can be said for these two. Two passionate, caring and loving people devoted to each other.

I am blessed to have been a witness to their union and here’s a toast wishing them the best and happiness in their married life

9. I have known (___Name of bride ___), the bride for a great amount of my life and I must say, having her as a friend has been something I dearly cherish and I’m grateful for. She is beautiful, loving, caring, kind, compassionate, pure in heart and thoughts. And when you meet someone who shares your values, loves and feels like you do, there is an immediate bond. One nearly inseparable – love.

So I’m proposing to these two amazing people joined together in love so beautiful. This is wishing them more love, greater happiness and bountiful blessings and marital bliss to their union. Cheers everyone.

10. As some of you know, I am fiercely protective of [bride’s name.] I would do anything for her and she is one of the most important people in my life. Over the years, we have laughed together, cried together, and had so many amazing memories. I am truly blessed to have someone like her in my life.

Since I am so protective of her, you can imagine how skeptical of [groom’s name] I was when he first came into the picture. I wondered what his intentions were. Was he good enough for such a unique and special person?

I soon learned that [groom] is just as amazing as [bride.] He worships her and would do anything to see her smile. They complement each other in the most perfect way. They are two twin souls that were destined to find each other. And I could not be happier for the two of them.

11. Thank you all for coming here. Some of you have traveled far and wide to be here today. Some of you drove and some of you even flew to all be in the same room today, all so we could celebrate the love of these two people who are beautiful both inside and out.

It is amazing to see all the people who love bride and groom in the same room as they embark on this new adventure together.

12. When I first met [bride], I knew that there was something special about her. We were drawn to each other as friends and my life truly would not be the same without her. Over the years, we have shared some really great memories.

But little did I know that something in her life was still missing. I realized that when she met [groom’s name.] After she met [groom], it was as if something clicked. We didn’t know it just then, but something was planted that would continue to flourish and grow.

Ever since these two met, something has changed. [Bride] is not exactly the same person she was before. She was strong before, but she is even stronger now. And while she was happy then, she is even happier with [groom] by her side.

With [groom], [bride] is the best version of herself. And I think [groom] is much better with [bride] in his life as well. Here’s a toast to the two of you.

13. These two newlyweds are a rare find in today’s world. Between the two of them, this couple has beauty, brains, and two hearts of gold. Here’s to the groom who has a bride so fair, and here’s to the bride with a groom who is so rare.

14. There can be so much sadness and loss in the world, but we also know that there is good in this world as well. With all of the things that happen that make us feel caught up in a storm, some of us are lucky enough to have something or someone to hold on to.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. When you have something to hold on to, then you have hope for the day and for many days to come

When I look at the bride and groom, I know that what they have will stand the test of time. Their love was made to weather the toughest of storms and their trials and tribulations will only further prove their love and devotion to one another. May the love that you have for each other continue to grow each and every year.

15. Growing up, [bride] was a little cynical. She did not really believe in true love or fairy-tale endings. I, on the other hand, was the more romantic one. I would tell her, much to her annoyance, that she only felt that way because she had not met the right one yet. And guess what? I was right.

When [bride] met [groom,] it was as if the universe had shifted. All the birds were singing and it was as if the sun had never shined brighter. That is how the world was through [bride’s] eyes when she finally fell in love with [groom.] As a romantic person, I have been lucky enough to watch this love story unfold.

Now we are all seated here, celebrating the union of two people who are very special to us. Let us toast to their health and the many happy years that they will share together.

14. They say that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Many of us have been lucky to fall in love before. But real love is when you are able to fall in love with that same person over and over again.

With the bride and groom, I see this kind of love. For all the time that they have spent getting to know each other, they still continue to fall in love as if they are still in the honeymoon stages. To never get tired of one’s smile, the little gestures of thoughtfulness that they show that they still care, even after all this time. That is real love.

I know I am not alone when I say that it is a joy to see the bride and groom fall in love with each other, day after day. The beauty of such a love is something that words cannot fully describe.

So I end my speech by raising my glass to the bride and groom. Let us continue to witness and celebrate the remarkable love that this remarkable, beautiful couple shares.

15. Whether you are a firm believer of destiny or think that happy things can just happen by accident and mere chance, there is no denying that these two amazing people are perfect for each other. Either way, these two have happened to each other. It is a once in a lifetime love, and we are all so lucky to be able to be along for the ride.

16. Hello, everyone. Thank you all for coming together to celebrate the love that [bride and groom] share. Many of you know that I am [bride’s] older sister. As older sisters are, I have always been overprotective of her, even before she was born. When she was born, she was my baby sister.

I was determined to look after her, take care of her, and protect her, though I did push her around a little bit. But if someone else messed with her, then they had to answer to me.

17. As we grew older, the need to protect her didn’t go away. I wanted to always have her back at school and throughout her relationships and friendships with people. I always wanted her to know that I’d be there for her, especially when things got tough.

And then one day, [bride] met [groom.] I came to realize that this person really, truly cared her. Not only did he care about her, he loved her. From the way he looks at her to the way he always tries to make sure that she is okay, there is no mistaking his love.

And I will admit, it was hard to let go of my sister a little. We have always been inseparable. But I am so happy that she found someone who cares about her so much. I know that [groom] will keep her happy. And she will keep him happy as well.

18. Helping to plan the wedding has been an absolute whirlwind full of emotions both good and stressful. Planning a wedding takes lots of work and lots of people made this beautiful day happen. [Bride] and [groom,] thank you for taking me on this journey with you. It has been a beautiful day and we all still have plenty of dancing and celebrating to do.

19. When I first met [bride’s name], we were both just young girls. Even then, I knew that she was someone special. She is one of the kindest, most generous people that I know.

And now, she is no longer a girl but a woman who has met her equal, another person in this world that is as deserving of her as she is of him. Together, they make a wonderful pair and I know that they will make each other so happy in their new life together. Cheers to them.

20. Good evening everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely evening and I’d like to thank you all for coming out and celebrating with us tonight.

I’d like to take a few moments to talk to you about my best friend, [Bride], and her new husband, [Groom].

I’ve been [Bride’s] best friend since we were little girls. I remember how we used to play dress-up and dream of weddings we would have when we were grown up. I’m sure that the wedding that has taken place here today far surpasses the childhood dreams I know[Bride] had about her big day!

21. [Bride] is one of the most loving, caring and kind people I’ve ever met. She has a fantastic sense of humor and a sharp wit — so lookout, [Groom]! All kidding aside, though, I couldn’t be happier to honor my best friend on her wedding day.

I wish you two all the love and happiness in the world. How blessed you are to celebrate your love on this beautiful day. I know there are many happy years of love and togetherness ahead for you. Let’s all raise our glasses to the bride and groom, and wish them a lifetime of love and joy!

22. “Hello, everyone! Firstly, thanks to everyone for making this day happen. Family, friends and staff, it’s been a fantastic evening.

[Bride] looks fantastic tonight, doesn’t she? The groom looks pretty good too, I guess.

I am (Maid of Honor), nice to meet you all. Let me just say that I am the best friend she has EVER had. Except, perhaps, for (groom’s name). That I will admit. I have lots of memories with this girl. From the late nights up together talking to one another to playing together when we were younger.

And, also, talking about her past relationships. I’ve seen (Bride) with a few old boyfriends, but she never seemed truly happy, or in love. But, with (Groom) it is different. The first time I ever met the groom, I could tell that he was that special someone. She seemed happier, more jubilant, and free.

Since that time, I have seen them grow closer and closer. I can say that they both love each other more than anything else. It’s inspiring. It also shows us that no matter how wacky or crazy we are, there is someone out there for us! Ladies and Gentlemen, a toast for the Bride and Groom.

23. Hi everyone! I’m [Bride’s] sister and I just want to say thank you to everyone for coming out today! It’s such a pleasure to be able to celebrate this special day with all of [Bride] & [Groom’s] friends and family.

24. So, full disclosure, I Googled a lot of maid of honor speech examples. The one piece of advice I kept finding over and over again was to start off with a quote. I did some research and I think their love is best described by Dr. Seuss:

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

My sister and I, have a lot of memories together most of which are too inappropriate to share today but whether she knows it or not, she’s always been a role model to me. She’s proven that patience is the key to happiness and if one day I can be as happy as she is today, that’s good enough for me.

Years ago, my mom dropped [Bride] off for her first day at Chico State and her final advice was stay single and enjoy your freshman year. She met [Groom] that night.

I spent the last six years getting to know [Groom] and I want you to know we love you and we are really excited for you to be part of our family. We’re really blessed to have you and I feel incredibly lucky to be gaining you as my brother.

Now can we please all raise our glasses high in the air? Love is a friendship that has caught fire, may your love burn bright for years to come. Here’s to my best friend and her new best friend.”

25. I am [bride’s] sister and maid of honor. Through the years, we have been through ups and downs. No matter where life took us, love was always there through the best and worst of times.

When one of us was crying, our love for each other comforted us and when we were celebrating, our love helped us to share that happiness with one another. In that way, love is food for the soul.

It is said that where there is great love, there are always miracles. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, love is the thing that can sustain you and keep you going. It can give you hope and fill you with so much optimism for the future ahead.

The love that [bride] and [groom] have for each other is something that is truly magical and miraculous and I for one am grateful to be able to witness it.

26. You all know that I am [bride’s] sister. We were brought up in a home full of love and laughter by two amazing parents who are sitting right there. If you haven’t already guessed it, we are a very closely-knit family. Even as adults, we all still maintain a close relationship with our parents and with each other.

So how exactly did [groom] manage to infiltrate our family? He was a great listener, always fun to talk to, and he has a great sense of humor. He is also pretty generous and thoughtful.

But none of that would not have mattered if he did not love [bride] with all of his soul. When we all saw how much he loved her, we knew that he belonged in our family. And when we see how much she loves you, it is something that is so beautiful to witness.

So, [groom], welcome to the family. We might be wacky and even crazy at times, but you are one of us now!

27. As [bride’s] sister I am pretty used to having her all to myself. We always played together as children and sometimes we did fight. And as we grew older, we continued to hang out all the time. I got so used to having her all to myself.

When [groom] came into the picture, it took some getting used to. I never had to really share my sister before. And [groom] was someone new, I didn’t know him that well at the time.

Time passed and as I got to know [groom,] I learned that he was a pretty cool guy. I even think of him as a friend now, though now that he is married to my sister, he is my brother now too.

Over time I realized that [groom and bride] share a really special bond. I’ve seen the way they look at each other, as the rest of you have, and when I see how real their love is, it makes me hope that one day I find someone like that. I am glad that [groom] is in my life, and more importantly, I am thrilled that he and [bride] found each other.

I like to think of it this way: I have not lost a sister. Instead, I have gained a brother and an amazing one at that. Welcome to the family, [groom.] Let us all raise a glass to the happy newlyweds.

28. As most of you know, I am [bride’s] younger sister. Growing up, I was the baby of the family. I always had a lot to learn and [bride] was my biggest example of how to be. I have to admit, being the baby sister can be really annoying. A lot of the time, you find yourself wanting to break out of your shell. At the same time, [bride] set a lot of great examples for me as an older sister.

As a sister, [bride] taught me how to share. She taught me how to be a caring sister and friend and she taught me what it means to be a good person. As much as I tried to resist it, I found myself often following in her footsteps? How could I not want to be the smart, sensitive, and successful person that she is?

Even now, [bride] has set a huge example for me by finding someone who is worthy of her love. She has found a person who is her soul mate, her better half, and her equal. I hope to one day find someone who is right for me the way that these two have found each other. I am equally lucky to have both the bride and groom in my life, and I am so happy that they found each other.

29. Hi, everyone. I am [bride’s] sister. Since we are so close in age, we would play together all the time. We had our dolls to play with and we would pretend to be princesses.

She was always looking for her Prince Charming. Prince Charming was handsome, thoughtful, generous, loving, and kind. Of course, we got older and we grew up. We realized that fairytales aren’t real and yet, one day, she met [groom.]

Now, many of you know [groom.] He’s a modern man and I don’t think he would exactly describe himself as a Prince Charming. But in a way, that’s what he is to [bride.] He is thoughtful, kind, generous, loving, and he isn’t ugly to look at either.

And while he doesn’t have a coat of arms or a valiant horse to ride on, he sure swept [bride] off her feet. And no one has ever been able to do that before, not even when we were playing pretend as little girls.

Sure, we’re in the 21 century now. But what these two have is a modern fairytale, a true romance that is one for the books. Let’s raise a glass to these two storybook lovers who have finally tied the knot.

30. Hello, everyone. For those who do not know me, I am a good friend of [bride.] We have known each other for [number of years] years. After all this time, I feel like I know [bride] inside and out. And after knowing [groom] for [number of years] years, I am proud to say that I can call him a good friend as well.

To be a part of this close circle of friends that have gotten to know the bride and groom individually is a blessing. But to be a part of the group that has gotten to watch them grow as a couple and become man and wife is a truly wonderful experience that has given me hope and brought tears to my eyes.

I cannot think of another couple that is more perfectly matched in their own unique way and like the rest of the people in this room, I look forward to the next chapter in their lives.

31. Hello everyone, I am [bride’s] sister. I don’t think I surprise anyone when I say that I love my sister. She is worthy of all the love in the world and I am beyond thrilled that she has found that in [groom.] They are so like each other and so perfectly matched. I know that [groom] will take care of her and that [bride] will take care of him.

32. First of all, I want to thank you all for being here with us today. As most of y know I am (Bride’s) sister. As we grew we were as close as can be. We were always in trouble and I remember wondering if there will be a guy brave enough for someone as wild as my sis is. Well, here he is!

My sis has just tied the knot. And I do believe that (Groom) is her perfect ma And today I realize that all she needs i guy who will love her just the way she with all her craziness. Their commitment to each other inspires all of us because that’s what we call true love. So let’s raise our glasses to this amazing couple.

33. Once in a while, in the middle of an otherwise ordinary life, love bestows on us a fairy-tale, a romance that is true and pure. I have never seen another couple as in love as these two people here who have been married today and I am so honored to know and love them. Congratulations to you both and to the beautiful future that lays ahead of you.

34. Love is not always perfect, but when the right people are together, they will always fight to make it work. Nothing in the world can tear them apart. These two people sitting in front of me are the epitome of true love and I am so lucky to have been a part of this special day and bear witness to this proclamation of love. Let us toast to the happy newlyweds.

35. I hope you’re all having a lovely evening and I’d like to I wish you two all the lo and happiness in the world. How to bless you are to celebrate your love on this beautiful day. I know there are many happy years ahead for you. Let’s all rai our glasses to the bride and groom, and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

36. Be devoted to one another in love. Ho one another above yourselves.

Here’s to love, laughter

and happily ever after.

As (Groom) and (Bride) start their new life together,

Let’s toast to the new husband and wife.

Here’s to the husband

And here’s to the wife;

May they remain

Lovers for life.

Here’s to the health of the happy pair; may good luck follow them everywhere.

And may each day of wedded bliss be always as sweet and joyous as this.

May you grow old on one pillow.

May their joy be as bright as the morni and their sorrows be shadows that fad in the sunlight of love.

Let’s drink to love, which is nothing—unless it’s divided into two with some you love.

May your joys be as sweet as spring flowers that grow.

As bright as a fire when winter winds blow,

As countless as leaves that float dow the fall,

As serene as the love that keeps watching over us all.

37. Before I begin my speech, I would just like to say that [bride’s name,] you look absolutely beautiful tonight and [groom,] you don’t look so bad yourself. It has been quite a day. An unforgettable, whirlwind of a day that celebrates the fact that two people fell in love.

Not only do I feel privileged to know these two people, but I also feel lucky enough to have witnessed the love they have for each other. Their love for one another has made them even better people than they were before. Together, they are even stronger. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. _________!

38. Hi everyone, I am [bride’s] sister. As many you all know, the two of us come from a big, happy, wacky family. Through all of the years together, my many siblings and I have loved each other with everything that we had, but we would also often fight each other with all of our strength, especially when it came to sharing, taking turns, and agreeing on who got to be in charge.

Throughout the years there have been a lot of laughs and a few fights, but my brothers, sisters, and I have always maintained our shared belief that a family is life’s greatest blessing of them all.

When [bride] finally introduced all of us to [groom], I was a little worried for him. Maybe we would be too big of a family or we would scare him away. But he was brave and he ended up fitting right in, and now I can proudly say that he is one of us. He belongs to our clan now and I certainly hope he feels that way.

Welcome to the family, [groom.] To [bride] and [groom,] may they keep our family growing one day.

39. Thank you all for coming here. Some of you have traveled far and wide to be here today. Some of you drove and some of you even flew to all be in the same room today, all so we could celebrate the love of these two people who are beautiful both inside and out.

It is amazing to see all the people who love bride and groom in the same room as they embark on this new adventure together.

40. Good evening honored guests, I’m (Name of bride) sister.

It is such a privilege to be here to celebrate this beautiful couple – look at this bride. I can’t believe s baby sister.

Sarah, you look amazing tonight. wedding is your dream come true, one you’ve been talking about and planning since we were little girls. Remember when we practiced way down the aisle? Tonight, you got t for real!

To my new brother-in-law (Name of groom) l welcome to our family. We’re all s thrilled to see your love for (name of groom) how much change you have brought her life.

41. I’d like to welcome all the guests attending this beautiful occasion.

I’m (your name) the bride’s sister. To be honest, I had no idea what to say when I started writing my maid of honor speech.

Growing up, (name of bride) and I argued about everything from chores to boys! But that changed as we older, and today I have the privilege of being my sister’s maid of honor. To both families, thank you for making this wedding so memorable.

Here’s a toast, wishing the newlywed love and happiness in their married life.

42. Good evening. I’m (name of bride) maid of and best friend.

Tonight, is my chance to give a special honor of a very special bride and husband. (name of bride) we’ve been through a lot together. You were there for me during some very difficult times. As a friend I cannot tell you how much I value you.

Here’s a toast wishing you all the best, for all the times you’ve been a blessing.. I pray you heaven’s happiness in your married life

43. I have been given the honor of being my sister’s maid of honor and I will try and keep this speech brief, even though overwhelmed with warm thoughts and teary eyes. How could I not be, we both have come a long way. I’ve been protective of her and today she is now married to the love of her life. One who would care, love and protect her in ways even I was unable to.

I have no doubt that these two will most definitely be celebrating golden jubilee in a few years to come.

I am very envious of their union, a hope when I get married; I can find at least half the love that she shares with her husband. Here’s a toast to this beautiful couple.

44. (Name of bride) let me start by thanking you for giving me the privilege of being your maid of honor. You are such a beautiful soul.

Now to say a few things about the bride who happens to my cousin and say she is the kind of cousin everyone wants. She is loyal, kind, caring and generous. Growing up, I thought the chance her maid of honor would never happen. She was VERY picky when it came to men, and we all though not one would ever meet her standard

But then along came (groom’s name) and everything changed. It was beautiful watching them fall in love and now even more beautiful watching them take another step together. I wish you nothing but love, laughter, and happiness in the many years to come.

45. Since time immemorial and for many more years to come, marriage has always and will always be a beautiful reason to celebrate.

There is nothing more special too than being given the opportunity to be the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding.

For a bride who has not always believed in fairy tales, I have just one question for you now:” How does it feel to be wedded to your prince charming, knowing both will live happily ever after?”

As a believer in romance and fairy have been fortunate to watch their story unfold into the most romantic one ever. I wish your marriage health, wealth and continuous laughter, happiness and bliss.

A wedding ceremony is one of the most significant in a person’s life. And if you were chosen by a friend to be the Maid of honor, it’s best that you contribute your quota to making the wedding a success. Please click on the share button and spread the love.


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