Lizzy Wurst Mom and Net Worth 2020, Early Life, Married Life, and Career

Lizzy Wurst Mom and Net Worth

Lizzy Wurst Mom and Net Worth 2020, Early Life, Married Life, and Career

Lizzy Wurst Mom and Net Worth – Elizabeth Wurst, popularly known as Lizzy Wurst, is a renowned Vlogger and YouTube sensation.

Her popularity on YouTube and the social media circles has been rising astronomically with her page views and followers growing in their millions by the day.

Lizzy Wurst Mom and Net Worth

Lizzy Wurst Mom and Net Worth

Early Life and Career

The beautiful Elizabeth Wurst is a young and promising YouTube vlogger born on July 22, 1998, in the United States of America. She is a native American, of White ethnicity and her zodiac sign is cancer.

She attended Delsea high school in New Jersey but currently lives in Los Angeles. She started posting videos on the Vine where she had thousands of followers before it was shut down. She has a younger brother who appears in her videos sometimes.

Lizzy, as she prefers to be called, became popular on Twitter with up to one million followers. Her personality on Twitter where she posts funny stuff and short songs earned her a million plus followers.

Lizzy was introduced to YouTube by Lance Stewart, and she currently has a little over a million subscribers. On YouTube, she posts videos weekly and she gets a lot of views and likes.

Reports have it that she makes up to $75,000 from adverts annually off YouTube due to the number of views she gets daily. A few years ago, she suffered from breast cancer and talked about her insecurities about her breast size and how it has reduced within the years before going for plastic surgery.

She posted the hottest pepper challenge in 2016 that really went viral and was aired on other popular channels. Since then, she has posted other challenge videos ranging from the extreme cinnamon challenge to extreme yoga challenge.

She has become a YouTube star mainly because of how she makes her vlogs, posting comedy clips, lifestyles update, pranks, and just plain stuff.

People are drawn to her online world because everyone loves a good laugh and would go to any length to get it. She features other YouTube stars on her channel like Sabrina, Lance, and big Niki.

Lizzy Wurst Mom, Net Worth

Not much is known about Lizzy’s mother, whose name is known as Maria Wurst (Her father’s first name is Tom, by the way).

She first became a person of interest to the internet world when she was reported to have sent Lizzy out of the house when Lizzy allegedly refused to give her a shout out on her channel and for refusing to help her mother create publicity on her new channel which has a lot fewer subscribers than her Lizzys.

It was Lizzy’s boyfriend who made this public when he posted a video of his girlfriend crying.

Lizzy Wurst Mom and Net Worth

This raised a lot of controversies and other vloggers aired it on their channels expressing their grievances against her mum with a lot of them wondering why a mum could do that to her own daughter while others thought it may just be another prank as they couldn’t see how that would have happened.

As a result, Lizzy moved out of her mother’s house and moved into her boyfriend’s house. The video got a lot of views, likes, shares and new subscribers who wanted to console her. This increased her net worth.

Lizzy Wurst is a successful online/social media personality who commands about 120,000 views daily for every vlog she puts out. Add that to her huge followership, and you see why she is the toast of major brands for advertisements.

She earns an estimated $75,000 per annum from advertisement alone. She currently enjoys a net worth of about $200,000 and counting

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