Liza Koshy Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Liza Koshy Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Liza Koshy Net Worth – Liza Koshy, famous online as Lizza is an American YouTuber, comedian and actress who gained popularity for posting comedy videos on the now-defunct video application known as Vine.

She initially became a Viner because her friends were downloading and using the app/platform which was trending at the time. What she started casually has grown her net worth as well as made her popular such that her fans and other people want to read about her bio, age, family and boyfriend in addition to the all-important net worth and her body stats.

 Liza Koshy Net Worth 2019

 Liza Koshy Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

Elizabeth Shaila Koshy (Lizza Koshy) was born on the 31st day of March 1996 in Houston, Texas. From an early age, as young as when she was in kindergarten until her 5th grade, Liza was exposed to dual language and dual cultural programmes in school and this enabled her to learn how to speak Spanish fluently despite being so young.

For High School, Lizza was enrolled at Lamar High School where she graduated from in 2014 and proceeded to study business marketing at the University of Huston.

Lizza was born to Jose Koshy as her father, a petroleum executive: while her mother Jean Carol is a yoga instructor. In her family, she has two elder sisters. Olivia and Rachel Koshy whom she grew up with in their Houston home.

She is of a  half Indian and half Caucasian ethnicity with American nationality. Her father is Indian while her mother is American.

Personal Life:

Lizza like most other young ladies her age has an active relationship life. Her current and only known boyfriend is fellow YouTuber and social media influencer David Dobrik who she has been dating from way back when both of them were still in high school. The relationship between the two have been going on fine as there have been no rumours, confirmed or unconfirmed, soiling their names in public. The two lovers are said to be living together in Los Angeles and maybe at the right time, they might get married.


 Liza Koshy Net Worth










Liza Koshy had started posting comedy Videos on Vine in her penultimate year in high school (2013). On Vine, she had over 5 million followers prior to the demise of the platform. By 2016, she had already started becoming popular on YouTube in preparation for the closure of Vine. Her followers were already in millions and she was ranked as one of the top social media influencers at that time. The 2016 American elections created a platform for her to interview former President Barrack Obama to emphasize the importance of voter registration.

As expected, she became even more popular, having interviewed the number 1 citizen of the greatest country in the world. Liza Koshy became undisputedly the fastest person on YouTube to reach 10 million active subscribers in 2017. Today, her channel has seen more than 1.4 billion video views from millions of subscribers and visitors alike. Currently, her aggregate social media penetration and coverage is put at over 45 million followers across all her social media channels.

She is not only famous on the internet but also a familiar face on TV. Koshy starred in the Hulu original series Freakish as the character Violet Adams in 2016 and 2017. Other roles and movies she has played in respectively include – as Aday Walker in the comedy filled horror film Boo! A Madea Halloween in 2016, she was Princess Auberry in FML, the 1 hour long 2016 comedy film.

Currently, she will feature and co-produce the new YouTube Red series, Liza on Demand. Watch out for her.

Her successful career has seen her partner with the likes of Jake Paul, Alex Holtti, Boris Laursen, Tasia Alexis, Lance210 and Crawford Collins in one of her most watched videos on Vine titled How girls check out guys vs. How guys check out girls.


Liza Koshy’s net worth comes mainly from her YouTube and social media activities including her several brand endorsements. Her net worth is estimated to be over $2 million with an annual salary that is way above $300, 000 currently. She is certainly at a place where most of her mates aspire to attain. We wish her well in her career, hope to see more of her for good.