Little Richard Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career

Little Richard Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.

Little Richard Net Worth 2020 – Little Richard, born as Richard Wayne Penniman, is a musician who defined the rock and roll music scenario in the America of the 1950s with his flamboyant style, sexy lyrics, and dynamic music.

Little Richard Net Worth 2020

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He was born as one of the twelve children of Charles Penniman and Leva Mae. His father was a church deacon who also sold bootlegged moonshine. He grew up in an impoverished neighbourhood and was called Little Richard because of his small frame.

He was from a highly religious family and used to sing in the church choir as a child. He was a naturally born singer blessed with a loud voice.

He had an effeminate appearance and homosexual tendencies because of which his father kicked him out of the house when he was a teenager.


He attended Macon’s Hudson High School. He was not bright academically but possessed great musical talents and played with the school’s marching band.


His music career has been one of the best anyone has had. He is a musician and a great songwriter. He has been present from the year 1947 and in this long period of time, there is nothing he has not achieved. He is a master at playing piano as well.

He did work with a lot of labels in the past and some of them are Goldisc Records, End, Disney, and Reprise. He has also been part of movies and TV shows. Some of the movies and TV shows he has worked for include the likes of Don’t Know the Rock, Purple People Eater, Goddess of Love, The Naked Truth, and The Pickle.

Little Richard has had 37 singles in his career till now. He has released a whopping 15 albums and he also has a total of 3 live albums. He has 1 compilation album to his name as well.

Some of his legendary songs are Valley of Tears, Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On, Cherry Red, Cross Over and Freedom Ride. His mega hit albums are Here’s Little Richard, The Fabulous Little Richard, Pray Along with Little Richard, The Wild and Frantic Little Richard and The King of Gospel Singers.

Net Worth

Little Richard is an American musician who has a net worth of $40 million.

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