Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug Wiki, Net worth and Biography Update

Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug Wiki, Net worth and Biography Update.

Lena Nersesian aka Lena the PlugThis article entails Lena The Plug biography, age, family background, net worth, parents, age, height, weight and interesting fact to know about her in person.

Lena the Plug is Famous for her strong and sexually explicit YouTube vlogs, she is the typical example of a bad girl; you know the type your mother warns you about, yea? Although she is relatively new to YouTube, her sudden rise to stardom, and increased number of followers, as well as views on various social media platforms, emphasizes the already known fact that sex sells and boy did she capitalize on the insatiable demand for sex.

Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug

Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug

She got even more traction when she announced via her YouTube channel that she would release a sex tape with her boyfriend if they both got 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Here are some other interesting facts that you may like to know about Lena Nersesian.

Quick Bio

 Date of Birth: 1991, June-1
 Age: 28 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 5 Feet 2 Inch
Name Lena The Plug
Birth Name Lena Nersesian
Nationality American
Birth Place/City California
Ethnicity Armenian descent
Profession You Tuber
Salary $918- $14.7k monthly and $11k-$176.3k yearly
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Face Color Fair
Boyfriend Adam Grandmaison
Education University of California Santa Cruz

Short Description of Lena the Plug

Lena the plug was born Lena Nersesian on the 1st of July 1991 to parents of Armenian descent. She was raised in a conservative Christian home in Glendale, California and seems to be the only child of her parents.

After graduating from high school in 2009, she gained admission into the University of California, Santa Cruz and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Psychology.

She Was in a Relationship With Girls in College

Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug

Lena posted on Facebook that she has completed her high school from Glendale High School. Then she has finished her graduate degree in psychology with 3.69 GPA from the University of California, Santa Cruz cum laude in 2013.

She also mentions that any guys didn’t desire her during college days. She added that she was overweight, had a big nose, and has braces. Therefore, she only had girlfriends, and they become very close.

Moreover, she got into a relationship with some of them and dated for four years. However, she always denies for being lesbian.

She Let Her Best Friend Sleep With Her Boyfriend

According to the Sun, she stunned her 900,000 subscribers as well as viewers by allowing her boyfriend to sleep with her best friend. She also released a video to explain the reason why she let her best friend, Emily Rinaudo, sleep with her boyfriend. There is also news that she had also launched a threesome along with Taylor White, another YouTube star.

Her Facebook And Instagram Account Was Shut Down

Lena is also active on Instagram and Facebook. However, she can’t seem to keep her social accounts alive because she often gets flagged and reported on them.

Many of her Instagram and Facebook accounts have been suspended or deleted. She had to fight back to get them back but rarely gets success.

She Had Done Many Odd Jobs

Before Lena started her own YouTube channel, she had done several odd jobs to support herself financially. Lena had worked as a cashier for Shoppers Corner Inc. in Santa Cruz for six months.

Similarly, she had worked as a behavior interventionist at the Arbitrator Organization. Also, she had worked even as a nanny for two boys and also worked as a personal assistant to their mother.

Lena Grew Up in a Conservative Family

Lena talked about her family and herself. She discussed her conservative family and upbringing in her introduction video. As per that video, her family is a very traditional Christian family and her relation with her family is not so good.

Moreover, she said that they had not allowed discussing sex and wasn’t even allowed to watch the family comedy show, ‘Boy Meets World.’ She has also revealed that she would turn off the TV whenever her parents entered her room.

Lena Nersesian BoyfriendLena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug

Lena is dating a guy who frequently appears on her vlogs on YouTube. Additionally, his name is Adam Grandmaison well Known as Adam 22. Also, they are in a relationship from September 2016.

He is also a star with a favorite YouTube channel called No Jumpers. Moreover, he also owns a BMX clothing line in LA.

Some Unknown Facts About Lena the Plug:

  • Does lena The Plug Drink Alcohol?; yes
  • Does Lena The Plug Smoke?; No
  • Lena the plug was born on the 1 July 1991 to Armenian descent Family.
  • She was raised in a Christian family in Glendale, California and she is only child of her parents.
  • Lena the Plug is Famous for her Hot and raunchy YouTube videos, she is the typical example of a bad girl. Lena is known for showing her bold image to her audience. The American fitness freak makes the best use of her body to increase the number of her followers on the social media platform.
  • she decided to start her own Youtube Channel, named Lena The Plug. The channel was launched in December of the year 2016 and deals with her personality and daily life.
  • She completed her high school in 2009 and join University of California (Santa Cruz) For her higher study.
  •  Lena the plug graduated from Psychology at the University of California in 2013 & she also  study in Lund University, Sweden.
  • After college, Lena worked as a grocery store attendant and an Uber driver.
  • Lena is currently dating Adam Grandmaison since september 2016. Adam Is also A youtube channel named “No Jumpers” (Over 1 Million Subscriber).
  • Lena loves talking about sexual views openly.
  • As we previously mentioned, Lena The Plug aka Lena Nersesian is open about her sexuality and has accepted to be a bisexual.
  • Lena’s net worth is estimated to be $30000. According to the Social Blade, Lena makes monthly earnings of between $1.2K – $19.1Kwhich enables her to make annual earnings of between $14.3K -$228.9K out of her Youtube channel.
  • Lena Nersesian got the name ‘Lena The Plug’ in her workplace. One day, she was given a challenging job by her manager, and she did quickly. Moreover, she often used to make things happen smoothly. Therefore, her boss started to call her The Plug. After that, she is known as Lena the Plug.
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