Lance Armstrong Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career

Lance Armstrong Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.

Lance Armstrong Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.

Lance Armstrong Net Worth 2020 – Lance Armstrong is an American former professional road racing cyclist who fell from glory following a doping scandal.Lance Armstrong Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.


Lance Edward Gunderson when he was born on September 18, 1971, but after a divorce between his parents, Linda Gayle and Eddie Gunderson, his mother remarried and Lance was adopted by his stepfather, Terry Keith Armstrong.

Lance was born to a modest family and he would have been forgiven for taking a safer route for his chosen life career but he was a boy with a passion for sports and he was never going to let go of it. Starting from age 12, his brilliance at competitive sport became apparent when he won the Junior triathlon.


In 1992, Lance Armstrong became a professional cyclist and joined the Motorola Cycling Team. Shortly after joining the team, he had his first victory at the World Road Race Championship in Norway in 1993.

However, in the early stages of Armstrong’s career, the rumors started to suggest that he was the type to do anything to win. His first CoreStates USPRO National Championship was alleged to have come on the back of Armstrong bribing a competitor to drop off the race but it was never corroborated.

Armstrong success continued to grow as the years passed by until October 2, 1996, when he was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer. The diagnosis forced Armstrong into a temporal retirement from cycling to treat himself.

After he was declared free of cancer in 1997, he returned to cycling and was signed by the US Postal Team.

Armstrong’s return to cycling in 1998 was the beginning of a run that would solidify his legacy, both positively and negatively. His rivalry began with Jan Ullrich and although it lasted 7 seasons, Armstrong won every single one.

Storming to seven consecutive wins at the Tour de France. After his last win in 2005, he announced his retirement from racing.

Before he admitted to doping and was stripped of all 7 titles in 2013, Armstrong returned to cycling after his retirement in 2005 and competed under different sponsors but he never reached the height of his 1998-2005 run.

Net WorthLance Armstrong Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.

As of October 2020, Lance Armstrong’s estimated net worth is more than $60 million. He accumulated this wealth by participating in many competitive tournaments in his career. He has won many events and has worked for many sponsors.

Additionally, he owns homes in Texas Hill County, Aspen, and Austin. He also owns coffee shops and has funded in launching Wonders & Worries. He has got stocks worth millions from SRAM Corporation. Lance Armstrong has also appeared in many films and documentaries.

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