Krizz Kaliko Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Krizz Kaliko Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Krizz Kaliko Net Worth 2020You might probably be living under the rock if you haven’t heard to rapper Krizz Kaliko, his tracks are on repeat mode period!. Krizz Kaliko music and album are the reflections on himself like his first album Vitiligo was named after the singer had white patches on the body.

Krizz Kaliko Net Worth 2020


Krizz Kaliko, whose real name is Samuel William Christopher Watson IV was born on the 7th of March in the year 1974. He is mostly known by his stage name, ‘Krizz Kaliko’.

Krizz Kaliko has been born and brought up in the United States of America in Kansas City of Missouri to be specific. He is a singer, songwriter and a rapper.

Krizz Kaliko’s birth name is Samuel William Christopher Watson. He suffered from vitiligo (a skin condition which results in white patches on skin due to the lack of production of melanin in the body).

Krizz was bullied for having vitiligo and being overweight. The other kids in his school would throw rocks at him, ridicule, mock, throw slurs, run after him and continuously bully him.

As a child, Krizz was bullied so hard that most of his days would end in him running back home from school. The American rapper didn’t have many friends as a child, but he definitely had a great support system in his family.

They all loved him and got him out of his dumps whenever he was struggling. His mother taught him how to sing and prepared him for singing in a choir, while his father served as an idol for him.

Krizz was specially attached to his sister, who was almost always fighting the bullies off, sometimes even with a knife or a gun. Through the support from his adoring family, Krizz developed a love for music and a talent for singing. Krizz was known for his amazing sense of humour, which sometimes got him in trouble.

When Krizz was a high school student, he unfortunately lost his father, which sent him reeling down in the never-ending alley of depression, which later accelerated to bipolar disorder as well. Krizz was undoubtedly going through one of the worst times in his life, during which, he met the love of his life and his future wife, Crystal.

Krizz Kaliko’s musical career took flight in the late 1990s. At that time, Krizz was working with a local producer, IcyRoc Kraven, who was incidentally collaborating with another rapper who went by the name Tech N9ne.

That’s how Krizz and Tech met. Once, Tech was working on a song and Krizz suggested a few ways by which he could make the song’s hook catchier, which brought the two closer. A few years later, Tech and Krizz along with Travis O’Guin went on to co own a label called ‘Strange Music’.

Krizz Kaliko went out to release six studio albums, two Eps and is currently working on another album titled ‘Amafrican Psycho’. Krizz often sings about his depression and bipolar disorder and even titled his first ever album on the autoimmune disease he was suffering from, Vitiligo.

Height and Weight

Krizz Kaliko’s age 44 years (as in 2019), height Unknown & weight Not Available.


Krizz Kaliko Net Worth 2020

Krizz Kaliko has released six studio albums from 2008 to 2016- ‘Vitiligo’, ‘Genius’, ‘Shock Treatment’, ‘Kickin’ and Screamin’’, ‘Son of Sam’ and ‘GO’ as well as two extended plays. – ‘’S. I .C’ and ‘’Neh’mind”. Krizz is currently working on his new album titled ‘Amafrican Psycho’.

Net Worth

Krizz Kaliko, the noted American rapper, singer and songwriter has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million, which is bound to increase with his rising career in music.

Social Media

Connect with Krizz Kaliko on Instagram @Krizz Kaliko
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