Kristina Sunshine Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Kristina Sunshine Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Kristina Sunshine Net Worth – Kristina Jung is not any famous personality that becomes famous due to her profession. She is now 39 yrs old. Kristina Jung is the daughter of a famous drug smuggler, George Jung and mother’s name is Mirtha Jung. The popularity now she gained was due to her and her relationship with her father.

Drama movie “Blow”, based on George Jung’s life, depicts an unhappy ending between father and daughter.

Kristina Sunshine Net Worth 2019

Kristina Sunshine Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

Kristina Sunshine Jung was born on August 1, 1978. Her parents were involved in drugs abuse and smuggling. So, her childhood was very difficult in comparison to other children grown in such family background.

Her father, George Jung was a drug addict who used to smuggles vast quantities of cocaine into the US and was very difficult to keep the distance of drugs. He was always jailed for a number of times. Even after her birth, he continued drug smuggling and didn’t get out of trouble.

Her mother Mirtha Jung, was also a drug addict. She was previously spent jail time for a number of times and also even spent jail time after her birth. She stopped using drugs in 1981 when Kristina was around 3 years of age.

In 1984, Kristina’s parent was separated and legally divorced each other. She never has a normal childhood as she lived separated from her father. Actually, she didn’t get a chance to know him or love him. Her grandparents and her auntie took the responsibility for her upbringing.

Kristina Sunshine Jung: Education History

Kristina’s education history and the university where she had studied is unknown.

Personal Life:

Kristina Sunshine Net Worth

Kristina was heard that she married to Romain Karan but no one knows whether they were really married or it was rumored. There is not much-known information about her husband and children. Though they had a daughter named Athena Romina Karan. It is not known if they are still together. Kristina now lived in Californa.

Kristina Sunshine Jung: Early, Profession life and Career

Kristina has debuted in the movie ‘blow’ in 2001. The relationship between her and her famous father, George Jung was depicted in 2001 movie “Blow.” The movie shows an unhappy ending between father and daughter where his father is an old man in prison and imagines that his daughter finally came to visit him.

This has caused many fans with sympathy moment and wondering what actually happened in their real life. So, Kristina was popularised from that time.

Kristina Sunshine Jung is a writer and poetess as found by the post on her Facebook page. She has remained out of the public eye since her father’s imprisonment and it hasn’t been updated since 2014.

She even hasn’t used her actual photo too. She keeps her life private and much information about her isn’t gained. It is heard that she is also working on a book based on her mother which is expected to be released soon.

Her father George Jung was released from prison in 2014. His father then started to work with her daughter and he loves her a lot. So, they started working together on their new family business George Boston Apparel and Merchandise, Inc.

Now they have a great relationship. They also appeared together at different events. Kristina Sunshine Jung had proved herself as a great entrepreneur and she successfully promotes BG Apparel and Merchandise at different events.

Kristina Sunshine Jung: Lifetime Achievements and Awards

Kristina hasn’t received any of the awards yet. She becomes famous due to her relationship with her father and her achievement are also unknown.

Kristina Sunshine Jung: Salary and Net Worth

According to some sources, Kristina’s net worth is around $150k. She is now living with her husband and children in a lovely house in California. Leaving all the illegal activities behind her dad has started a business where Kristina gives an extra hand, which will increase her net worth shortly.