Korie Robertson Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Korie Robertson Net Worth 2019, Biography, Education, Married Life, Career and Achievement

Korie Robertson Net Worth – Korie Robertson is an American reality TV star and business executive who has a net worth of $10 million. Korie Robertson is one of the stars of A&E’s smash hit reality series “Duck Dynasty”.

Korie is got married to Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson. After their marriage on January 11th, 1992 the couple was gifted to have four biological children: Will Robertson, Bella Robertson, Rowdy Robertson Sadie Robertson and John Luke Robertson they also adopted one Rebecca Robertson who came in as an exchange student but later on joined the family as one of the Robertson’s. The entire family is cast in the show Duck dynasty.

Korie Robertson Net Worth 2019

Korie Robertson Net Worth

Birth and Education: 

Korie Robertson a Monroe Louisiana little girl born on October 24th, 1973 to Mr. John Howard and Mrs. Chrys Howard, was a childhood friend to William Robertson whom she met while in third grade during summer camp. Their Friendship continued to blossom day by day as years passed by and later on after graduating Harding University with a bachelors’ degree in Business Korie Howard got married to Willie Robertson thus making her a Robertson as well. Hence joining the hunting family of William Roberson.

Married Life:

Korie Robertson Net Worth










Korie is married to Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson. Korie is not just Willie’s wife, she’s also his business partner. Her experience and expertise helped Willie expand the Duck Commander empire to new heights.

Korie and Willie met in the third grade at summer camp. While at camp Willie invited Korie to join him for a moonlit hike and they have been together ever since. They were married after graduating high school on January 11, 1992.

Korie and Willie have four children and have also adopted a daughter named Rebecca who initially joined the family as an exchange student before becoming a full fledged member of the Robertson family. Their other children are Sadie, John Luke, Lil Will and Bella.

Korie and Willie announced that they hope to adopt another child. They have been very public advocates and supporters of adoption and are not shy to use their platform to promote the cause.

Willie, Korie and the entire Robertson family are very active in their local church and can be seen leading the charge of many charitable events even when the cameras are not rolling. Ironically, Korie does not come from a hunting family at all and almost looks a little out of place at times among these true bread men of the woods. In October 2013

Career and Achievement:

Today, Duck Dynasty is the most watched show on cable television and easily sets pace, in terms of ratings, with its network television rivals. As of December 2013, the show has released over 50 episodes across four seasons after debuting in March of 2012. Korie also serves as the day to day office manager at the family business, Duck Commander.

Many people have questioned How rich is Korie Robertson? Well, her Riches and Net worth have been estimated to be $10 million which is sourced from her cast in the reality show “Duck Dynasty” as well as her active participation in the family business with his husband William Robertson. Utilizing her Business degree, Korie is set to handle the office of the Manager of the Duck Commander. With her hard work, business management skills and her charitable heart, Korie’s richness is with no shadow of a doubt going to increase rapidly as the years continue.

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