Kevin Durant Family Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Kevin Durant Family Net Worth 2019, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Kevin Durant Family Net Worth – Kevin Wayne Durant is an American professional basketball player from Washington DC. Durant currently plays for the NBA team Golden State Warriors alongside stars such as Dreymon Green and Jeremy Lin.

As a professional NBA player, Durant has won awards such as the NBA Championship, Most Vulnerable Player, and Finals MVP Awards.

As of 2019, Kevin Durant’s net worth is approximately $170 Million dollars, making him one of the richest basketball players in the world alongside Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

Kevin Durant Family Net Worth 2019

Kevin Durant Family Net Worth

Kevin Durant family members:

Who are Kevin Durant parents?

Wayne Pratt (father)

Wayne Pratt is known as a father of NBA star Kevin Durant. Unfortunately, he hasn’t always been close with his son. Wayne, who is in his 50s as for now, left the family, when he was 23. He divorced from his wife Wanda and left her with 2 boys – Tony and Kevin. The future basketball star was just 9 months old at that time.

Most part of his life the NBA player, who was named as MVP during 2 years in a row, spent with his maternal grandmother Barbara Davis. But when he turned 13, his father again entered his life.

Most part of his life Wayne served as a police officer. He was also a youth mentor and basketball coach. The fact, that he was absent from his sons life during many years, he considers as his biggest mistake. Now Mr. Pratt speaks to other men in order to convince them, how important it is to be with their kids.

Wayne doesn’t like to stay in front of the cameras. That his quality produced a lot of rumors about his troubled relationship with his son. But the explanation is simple – Wayne doesn’t like to stay in the limelight.

Kevin told in his interview, that he was very proud of his father. They reconciled, and now Wayne, who is still working, remains his biggest support. In 2016, when Durant was making the hardest decision in his life about signing with the Warriors, his dad advised him “to be selfish”. According to Kevin’s interviews, he is proud of his father.

In spite of the fact, that Kevin took his mother’s maiden name instead of his father’s, Poppy Pratt considers his kid as great. He told about it in the open letter he wrote to his famous child on the Father’s Day. He apologized one more time for being far from his son in his childhood years. But he became an inseparable part of his life, when Durant turned 13. By the way, his father always believed, that Kevin would become NBA star.

Wayne is married to another woman nowadays, but he has amicable relationships with his ex-wife Wanda.

Wanda Durant (mother)

Date of birth: September 7, 1967

Wanda Durant became popular due to her son Kevin, who won NBA Championship as the part of the team the Golden State Warriors. The bright strong woman, she is not going to stay in her son’s shadow. Wanda is a life coach and philanthropist, who has a voice and wants to use it to make this world a little better.

She was born in a small town of Cheverly, located in Maryland. She tied a knot with Wayne Pratt at a very early age, and they welcomed two boys. As Wanda shared in her interview to Wendy Williams, she really tried to save her marriage, but they both were too young and couldn’t be reasonable. As for now, she is in good terms with her ex-husband.

Wanda knows from her own experience, how hard it is to be a single parent. She was in her 20s and she had to deal with two active toddlers. The woman worked from morning till night to make the ends meets. She was struggling and even could go to bed hungry, because she gave her meal to her boys.

She didn’t have money to rent a comfortable apartment. During some period of her life she resided in a furniture-free room. The only person, who supported Wanda, was her mother Barbara Davis. She took small Kevin and Tony to her place. Thus, the famous athlete was partially raised by his grandmother.

As for now, this talented and still young lady is known under the name “Mama Durant”. She is a desirable guest at various TV programs and talk shows. Thus, during her time at Wendy Williams show, Mrs. Durant told, that her son’s championship was a result of long-term family work. “So many times he was frustrated and wanted to quit”, Wanda told.

Now she can really serve as the role model for other single moms. To support them, she founded a charity organization “WANDA”.

But in spite of active social life, Mama Durant finds time for herself, too. “I have been focused on my boys for so long time. Now I am simply enjoy my life”, she told wiping her tears. The woman is dating; she is travelling around the world and is having a good time.

Kevin Durant siblings:

Tony Durant (older brother)

Tony is Kevin’s older brother and one of his best friends. Like his famous sibling, he spent the major part of his childhood in the house of their grandmother Barbara, whom he likes very much, according to his Instagram posts.

He is three years older, than Kevin. In spite of childhood fights between them, two boys have always been very close. In his high school years Tony played basketball, too. In addition, he worked at McDonald’s.

Durant Sr. studied at Towson University. He played as a forward for college basketball team. Previously, he attended a military academy in Kansas, but then left it and transferred to Towson. When the young man turned 22, his brother gave him a special gift – Dodge Charger of a pitch black color. In such a way Kevin celebrated his first career success – the deal with the Seattle Sonics.

In spite of the fact, that their careers are at different levels, Tony and Kevin had never envied one another. “Our mother has always told, that there are just two of us and we must be friends. So, we are just like the same person,” Tony told.

Brianna Pratt (sister) and Rayvonne Pratt (brother)

Although some sources (like insist, that Kevin Durant has two more siblings – a brother Rayvonne and a sister Brianna, that info is quite contradictory. The athlete told in his MVP acceptable speech, that his father left his mother Wanda with two (!) sons – Tony and him – on her hands. Probably, they are Wayne’s kids from the second marriage. But Durant’s father doesn’t tell about them in his interview either. So, the existence of these siblings is under question.