Katy Hearn Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement.

Katy Hearn Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement.

Katy Hearn is an American social media personality and professional fitness trainer who has more than 1.82 million subscribers on Instagram.

She is also a blogger who runs KatyHearnFit, a website that offers fitness and workout plans online.

Katy Hearn Net Worth


She was born on September 6, 1991, in Maryland, USA.

After she graduated from high school, Katy enrolled in the community college near her hometown in Maryland. However, with college came parties and drinking, as well as “awful, convenient food,” as Katy puts it.

Hearn slowly, but surely, began to gain weight.

When she was 21, Katy had a big birthday night out. She wore a tight dress that she loved very much.

After getting back home from the party, Katy went through the pictures of the night and didn’t like what she saw. At that moment, Hearn decided to change her lifestyle for the better.

Katy Hearn Net Worth


Katy Hearn is one of the most hard-working personalities. She was very much focused and is considered to be one of the greatest inspirations for the whole women community all over the work.

She no doubt has one of the most successful personal careers.

It was during her graduation days when she was quite overweight, and due to fast foods, she added up more than 15 pounds to her body being overweight.

She during an interview revealed that it was during a party which she visited and wore one of her favorite dress.

After the party was over, she was viewing her pictures and found them to be nasty and henceforth from the next day decided to workout on her body.

It was only because of the hard work she is now known to be one of the most popular social celebrity and one of the most followed fitness trainer among all the people all around the world.

Katy Hearn Net Worth

Net Worth and Achievement 2020

The net worth of Katy Hearn is estimated to be around $2 million.

She has earned most of this money by being featured in some of the most popular YouTube channels and also by being one of the most successful personal trainers as well.

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