Katelyn Nicole Davis Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, Career and Death

Katelyn Nicole Davis Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, Career and Death.

Katelyn Nicole Davis Net Worth 2020 – Katelyn Nicole Davis was prominent by her online name ITZ Dolly. She was simply in her young age and was 12 years of age and submitted live suicide. Davis was celebrated as a blogger and used to transfer distinctive blogs.


Katelyn was conceived in Georgia on February 20, 2004. Her mother’s name is Tammy Michelle Rogers. As expressed by her, she doesn’t have a dad. Her stepfather was Anthony Lee Rogers Sr. She grew up without her dad close by.

About her high school days, her dad declined to pay kid bolster however would invest hours playing computer games. Her mother has once informed that she was hitched to Anthony Lee Rogers. What’s more, she brought forth her young advance kin, Abigail Lee Rogers and A.J Lee Rogers.


Davis attended Cedartown Middle School. She didn’t earn a higher education certificate as her mother have no money to see her through school.


She was twelve years old when she hung herself in her yard and streamed it live over the internet. Katelyn Davis will always be remembered worldwide for the way she died.

She was a vocalist. She additionally used to make out diverse websites. Katelyn used to make recordings including the encounters of her life, paving the way to the day of her demise. Davis shares the profound reasoning and taking care of her two more youthful kin in her videos.

The kid additionally put diverse recordings contending with her mom that she asserts criminal action. Her recordings additionally comprise of separating sincerely and claims that she was dismissed by her natural dad physically and explicitly.

The child also put different videos arguing with her mother that she alleges criminal activity. Her videos also consist of her breaking down emotionally and claiming that she was neglected by her biological father physically and sexually.

She also mentioned that she was encouraged to kill herself with her stepfather. She died on Dec 30, 2016.

Her Death

On December 30, 2016, Katelyn Nicole Davis hanged herself and live-streamed her suicide on Live.me.

On that fateful day,  the twelve-year-old filmed herself walking from her room to the yard of her family’s home.

The entire video, which is 42-minutes long, captured the teen preparing a noose, hanging it from a tree and then taking her own life by short-drop strangulation. The suicide was live-streamed on Live.me, a popular app for teens, and was posted under her username “ITZ Dolly”.

In the video, Davis, who was clearly worn down by anxiety and stress, could be heard crying and pleading for forgiveness for the act she was about to take. She went on to confess that she was physically and sexually abused by a member of her family called Anthony Lee Rogers Sr.

After she must have hung herself, her lifeless body was caught by the camera for about 20 minutes. The live stream was abruptly ended by repeated calls on her phone and by the time neighbors discovered what has happened it was too late to save her life.

Katelyn’s last video was not the first disturbing video to have appeared on her timeline. She had previously live-streamed dozens of disturbing videos in the last month of her young life, with so many capturing her other suicide attempts.

Her last suicide attempt before her actual death was through medication overdose but she was resuscitated at the hospital. Just a few days before her death, she was caught on camera cutting her thighs, laps, and wrist – crying out loud for being depressed and fed up with life.

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