Justin Kan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards and Instagram

Justin Kan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards and Instagram

Justin Kan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards and Instagram

Justin Kan is a 35-year-old Entrepreneur and investor based in America best known as the co-founder of ‘Twitch.tv’ and ‘Justin.tv,’ two live video chat platforms. He is also the developer of ‘Socialcam,’ which is a mobile video application.Justin Kan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards and Instagram


Justin Kan was born in the year 1983. His place of birth is Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. He was always a bright student, and after passing out from high school, he went to attend Yale University. He got his degree in physics and philosophy after graduating from there in the year 2005.

His interests, in education and otherwise as well, are quite contrasting yet intriguing. After the big deal with Amazon, in which he sold ‘Twitch’ for $970 million, he became a prominent internet and tech entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley.

He has been living in San Francisco for the past twelve years in the posh Duboce Triangle neighborhood with his fiancee and two brothers.


Justin Kan started ‘Justin.tv’ in 2007 with his other three partners- Michael Seibel, Emmett Shear, and Kyle Vogt. It was a live video platform firstly used by Justin himself to broadcast his life live for the entire world to see with the help of a webcam attached to his head. People could see him travelling in San Francisco, visiting various events, and hanging out with different people.

It was one of its kind, and until then, nobody had dared to venture into that department. The project garnered quite some attention, and the company launched a live video platform in 2007 so that the common mass could broadcast parts of their lives.

The company saw an incoming of more than 30 million various users every month making ‘Justin.tv.’ One of the largest live video platforms. It was shut down on 5th August 2014 in order to focus on its parent company called ‘Twitch.’

When ‘Justin.tv’ grew, it differentiated its content in order for it to be an organized and easy experience for the user. All the content was divided under tags, like social, tech, sports, gaming, etc. Gaming was the most popular option, and hence, it was decided to make an individual site for the gaming content, which is why ‘Twitch.tv.’

Net WorthJustin Kan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Awards and Instagram

Justin Kan’s business endeavors have established him as a Silicon Valley mogul. His personal assets include his investments and startups. Justin Kan’s current net worth is $120 million as of September 2020.

Justin Kan’s story is an inspiration for all. A first-generation Chinese American, he has truly paved the way for immigrant families. His artistic, entrepreneurial endeavors, coupled with his investing skills, has set his name up in the entrepreneurial Hall of fame.

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