Josh Kennedy Youtube, Biography and Net worth 2020

Josh Kennedy Youtube, Biography, and Net worth 2020.

Josh Kennedy Net worth – For our readers today we have selected one of the popular young American filmmakers and social media stars in the world.

The name of today’s celebrity is none other than Josh Kennedy whose films have been screened for more than 50 times at various film festivals.

When he was only 13 years old, he made a film titled “Minimum Max” and this film got him his early fame after it was viewed by more than half a million people.

Later his fame saw a boost from the very same film when Huffington Post published an article about both Josh Kennedy and this film. That film was screened at nearly 20 film festivals across the globe.

Josh Kennedy

After the success of this first film, he produced another film by the title “Two and a Quarter” which was also a massive success and was screened at 57 film festivals around the globe.

Like many social media stars, he started out with the social media hub Vine and is now amongst a few of the popular YouTubers in the world.

He also promoted the MTV Movie Awards of 2015 which was hosted by the famous actress and comedian Amy Schumer.

Our guide will help you explore near about every possible fact and personal information available at the moment of this celebrity. So sit back and enjoy this joy ride of information.

Josh Kennedy Biography

Date of Birth

April 21st, 1998

Birth Place


Zodiac Sign




Real Name

Josh Kennedy

Nick Name

Josh ken



Social media celebrity



Josh Kennedy Physical Stats

This portion of the celebrity’s bio will help you get acquainted with the physical attributes of importance that you might want to know.

20 years old Josh Kennedy is a born American national and thus holds an American nationality. He belongs to the white ethnic group of Americans. Like many young people of his age, he has ordinary looks.

The prominent feature of his body is long brown hair. He is a slim young man who weighs only about 50 kg while measuring to be 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Josh Kennedy Personal life

For personal life, we have carefully selected all the necessary items ranging from date of birth to their family tree that can be of importance to the fans.

For the fans of Josh Kennedy, we have gathered all the necessary information regarding his career progression as well as some of his personal life information down below.

  • From a very young age, Josh was fascinated with the concept of movies and narrating stories.
  • He had it a little tough in life because he suffered from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Many might not know that the main character of his very first film “Minimum Max”; also suffered from ADHD. Josh was able to tackle his problem by turning his attention towards film making.
  • When he was 13 years old he shot his first short film by the title “Minimum Max” and it was about a boy named Max suffering from ADHD. The movie after its release went viral on YouTube as well as on other social media platforms. It was viewed by nearly half a million people.
  • This film was screened at more than 20 film festivals across the globe and the popularity of film only saw a boost after Huffington Post wrote an published an article about it.
  • After this, he started promoting events for the MTV and one particular event he promoted was the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.
  • At age 15, he shot another film titled ‘Two and a Quarter” which was a short film of 7 minutes length. It was even more of a success than his first film and was screened at 57 film festivals across the globe.

Interesting Facts

A few of the facts about the life of this young Filmmaker Josh Kennedy are as follows.

  • Many of the fans of Josh Kennedy might not know that before filmmaking and narrating stories was his passion, Josh was super into the hobby of Baking.

  • Another interesting fact about Josh Kennedy is that he was born with name Josh Ovalle. Josh himself change his last name to Kennedy when he was creating and posting short films on the social media hub Vine.

  • He is best friends with a YouTube star Cody Ko.

  • Josh Kennedy’s film Tow and a quarter have won many awards like the “Audience Award” at “All American High School Film Festival” in 2014.

Josh Kennedy Net worth

There is no official figure for the net worth of Josh Kennedy. However, analysts have speculated that considering the fame of his short films and the promotion work he did for MTV and YouTube, he might have a net worth of 1 to 2 million dollars.

Josh Kennedy Family Tree

There is no little information available about his family as he does not like to combine his work and family life.

Father Name

  • Not known.

Mother Name

  • Not known.


  • Not known.


  • He has no children yet.


Like many other personal details of his life, Josh Kennedy likes to keep his love life a secret as well. He might have a girlfriend but at the time there is no information available on it.

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