Jon Cryer Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Awards

Jon Cryer Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, and Awards.

Jon Cryer Net Worth 2020Jon Cryer is an American actor and director, best known for his role in the series ‘Two and a Half Men,’ and the movie ‘Pretty in Pink’.

Jon Cryer Net Worth 2019

Both his parents were part of the entertainment industry, so it was very natural for him to get inclined toward a career in acting.


He was born Jonathan Niven Cryer on April 16, 1965, in New York City, New York, US, to David and Gretchen Cryer.

His father is a veteran stage, television and film actor, and singer, and his mother is a playwright, lyricist, and actress. He has two sisters – Robin and Shelly. He is of mixed European ancestry.

As his parents were in the showbiz, it was quite natural for him to get inclined towards acting. He started as a child model and stage performer while he was in junior high school.

He graduated from Bronx High School of Science in 1983 and decided to pursue a career in acting.

He attended performing arts training at Stagedoor Manor during his summer vacations and went on to join the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, UK, for a short course.

His first acting credit was in the Broadway play, ‘Torch Song Trilogy.’ He appeared in his first lead role as ‘Charles Cummings’ in the romantic comedy movie, ‘No Small Affair,’ at the age of 19.


  • Cryer played minor roles in a few movies and television serials before he got his big break as ‘Duckie’ in the romantic comedy movie ‘Pretty Pink’ in 1986. The movie was a great success, and he became a teenage sensation. He also made his debut on television as ‘Phil’ in the science fiction horror fantasy, ‘Amazing Stories,’ that year.
  • He appeared in the lead role in sitcoms, ‘The Famous Teddy Z’ and ‘Partners,’ that ran from 1989 to 1990 and 1995 to 1996 respectively. His performances received mixed reviews. During this period he also appeared in a number of movies, including ‘Penn and Teller Get Killed’, ‘Hot Shots’ and ‘Cannes Man’.
  • He made his debut as a writer in the movie, ‘The Pompatus of Love,’ in 1996 and acted as well as wrote and produced the movie, ‘Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God… Be Back by Five,’ in 1998. The film was screened at the ‘Los Angeles Film Festival’ and received positive reviews.
  • From 1998 to 2003, he was cast in a number of TV series but they did not do too well, till he appeared as ‘Alan Harper’ in the seven-time Emmy nominated serial, ‘Two and a Half Men,’ that ran from 2003 to 2015. Cryer won a ‘Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series’ and ‘Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series’ for his performance in the serial.
  • He continued to act in a number of movies, including a cameo appearance as, ‘Alan Harper,’ from the serial ‘Two and a Half Men’ in the comedy film ‘Due Date,’ written by Philips Alan and directed by Todd Philips, which was released in 2010.
  • He has made several guest appearances on television and appeared as himself in the comedy serial, ‘Lady Dynamite,’ in 2016. He is part of the cast of the popular serial ‘NCIS,’ and also appeared in the comedy series, ‘Robot Chicken,’ in 2018.


He was awarded a ‘Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series’ and ‘Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series’ for his performance in ‘Two and a Half Men’ in 2009, and 2012 respectively.

He received a star on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ in 2011.

Jon Cryer Net Worth

Јоn Сrуеr hаѕ аn еѕtіmаtеd nеt wоrth оf mоrе thаn $70 mіllіоn. Не mаkеѕ hіѕ fоrtunе bу арреаrіng іn mаnу fіlmѕ аnd tеlеvіѕіоn ѕhоwѕ іn hіѕ саrееr.

Не іѕ аlѕо а ѕuссеѕѕful рrоduсеr аnd ѕсrееnwrіtеr. Тhе асtоr hаѕ аlѕо арреаrеd іn thе роdсаѕt ‘Сrіmе Wrіtеrѕ Оn…’ аnd wіll bе nехt ѕееn іn thе роdсаѕt ‘Undіѕсlоѕеd.’

Јоn Сrуеr іѕ соnѕіdеrеd оnе оf thе mоѕt рорulаr асtоrѕ іn thе wоrld. Не hаѕ ѕuссеѕѕfullу арреаrеd іn twеlvе ѕеаѕоnѕ оf ‘Тwо аnd а Наlf Меn,’ whісh іѕ а tоtаl оf 262 еріѕоdеѕ.

Тhе асtоr gаіnеd рrоmіnеnсе аftеr арреаrіng іn thе ѕеrіеѕ аnd hаѕ bесоmе а рорulаr сеlеbrіtу іn thе wоrld. Сrуеr bеgаn hіѕ саrееr bу арреаrіng іn thе Вrоаdwау ‘Тоrсh Ѕоng Тrіlоgу’ аnd hаѕ bесоmе а ѕuссеѕѕful асtоr, wrіtеr, аnd рrоduсеr.

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