John Ratzenberger Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

John Ratzenberger Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram.

John Ratzenberger Net Worth 2020 – By lending his voice to Pixar, John Ratzenberger brought many characters to life and eventually came to be known as Pixar’s lucky charm. He is known extensively for his vocal work in Pixar Animation Studios, and his role as Cliff Clavin in the movie “Cheers” was much appreciated.

John Ratzenberger Net Worth 2020


John Ratzenberger was born in April 1947 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He moved to London at the age of 23 and continued to live there for the following ten years. During this time, he began his career in performing arts and worked as a carpenter as well.

In one of his interviews, he argued that kids are only going to college to get degrees and aren’t learning any skills that are useful for their careers and life.

Recognizing the importance of skills for the development of the country, he has made it his goal to produce skilled laborers by facilitating their training process.

Ratzenberger has two children namely James John and Nina Katherine from his first wife, Georgia Stiny. Their relationship ended in 2004, and later he married Julie Blichfeldt.

John Ratzenberger landed his first role as a patron in “The Ritz” in 1976. He has had a voice role in all of Pixar feature films which is an accomplishment in itself. It’s amazing how he can produce so many voices and all with the same enthusiasm.

His personal favorite out of all the roles he has done for Pixar is the role of P.T Flea in “A Bug’s Life’. He appeared in many other minor roles in movies like “Firefox: A bridge too far,” “Superman,” “Superman II,” an episode of “Star Wars” and in “Gandhi” as well. He is well known for his role in the sitcom “Cheers.”

He has been the host of the documentary film “Pixar: 20 years of animation and counting”. His work also reflects his unwavering concern for the environment. His company has developed packaging alternatives made from non-toxic and biodegradable recycled paper.

John is also on the board of Sacred Heart Universities. Now, he is known as an accomplished screenwriter, producer, director and author as well.

Height and Weight

Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)


John Ratzenberger Net Worth 2020

John Ratzenberger’s movie “Cheers” got the Legend award in 2006 in TV Land Awards. The award was shared with Rhea Perlman, Shelley Long, and Ted Danson.

He was nominated for the category of the best supporting role for The Primetime Emmy awards. Although he has only won one award, he has managed to win millions of hearts worldwide and continues to do so even now.

Net Worth

John Ratzenberger Net Worth 2020

John Ratzenberger’s net worth is $80 million. He is listed as the 6th most successful actor of all time in terms of box office receipts and also has the highest box office totals. Much of his net worth comes from his innumerous associations with Pixar where his voice has given life to many characters.

Social Media

John Ratzenberger on Instagram@Ratzenberger

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