John M. Cusimano Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

John M. Cusimano Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates.

John Cusimano is an American Lawyer who, apart from practicing law, is also a musician and band member of The Cringe. Growing up, he loved music but never saw himself taking music as a career. He works with The Cringe band on part-time bases, mostly during weeks as he practices his law career on weekdays. This means sometimes he works for seven days in a week.John M. Cusimano Net Worth 2020, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates


John M. Cusimano was born on 19th August 1976 in New York, USA. His third name is Italian, having Italian roots from his parents. His grandfather was from Palermo while his grandmother was from Naples. He grew up in Long Island, where he got his early and high school education.

He later joined New York State University, where he graduated in1989. After his graduation, he joined Cardozo Law School, where he graduated in 1994.

Since his graduation, Cusimano has been practicing law in New York as he pursues his first love, which was music. Since childhood, music has been part of Cusimano’s life, having singing roles to play since his school days.


John Cusimano is married to television personality Rachael Ray who he married in 2005. The two met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. According to Rachel, the two had been together since that night, either through phone or in person. Despite their celebrity status, their private life has remained private, doing everything they can to guard it.

To celebrate their wedding anniversary, the couple flew to Italy to renew their marriage vows at the same place they said I do. Rachel values her husband’s understanding of her work, claiming no one could understand her the way Cusimano does. Rachel is almost eight years older than John, and the two have no children together.


Cusimano has been practicing law in New York since his graduation in 1994. Though he loves what he does as an attorney, his love for music started since he was a small kid, and it’s something he couldn’t wish away. Together with his friends Jonny Blaze, James Rotondi, and Shawn Pelton formed an independent rock band that they named The Cringe.

Some far, the band has three albums with its most recent one being Play Thing. Their other two albums are Tipping Point and Scratch the Surface. John is the Band’s lead singer but only performs during weekends as on weekdays he is occupied with his law practice.


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Net Worth

Most of John’s wealth is as a result of his career in law. So far, he has practiced law for more than 15 years earning himself a fortune. Apart from law, he also earns in music with weekend performances with The Cringe band. This, at the end of the day, adds something to his fortune.

Acting has also been John’s other side hustle after clinching his first film role in 1982 when he acted in World War Mud. His latest movie role was in 2017 when he appeared in a crashing movie. All these are a growing list of his other ways of making money besides practicing law. As of July 2020, John Cusimano is estimated to be worth $14 million.

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