John Luke Robertson Siblings and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

John Luke Robertson Siblings and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

John Luke Robertson Siblings and Net Worth – He is the oldest boy in Robertson family. John Luke is a biological brother of Bella and her big supporter. He was born in West Monroe, Louisiana and rose to fame as a reality series star.


John Luke Robertson Siblings and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and AchievementJohn Luke Robertson has achieved a lot to this age – he entered Liberty University (Virginia) and married his school sweetheart Mary Kate McEachern. Their wedding ceremony, which took place on June 28, 2015, was demonstrated on the show. More than 1 million viewers watched it.

The young man, who tells that his favorite book is Bible, makes a kind of soft revolution in his family. In spite of the fact that John is the part of a powerful American family, he doesn’t want to follow his parents’ pace and has his own plans for future. He dreams to become a well-known child’s writer.

The man has already authored a number of books, including “Young and Beardless”, “John Luke and Willie’s Ice Cabin” and some others. John Luke tells that his favorite celebrity is his younger sister Rebecca Lo Robertson.

Rowdy Robertson (brother)

John Luke Robertson Siblings and Net Worth

Rowdy is another son, who had an honor to be brought up as the part of one of the wealthiest US breeds. He is a little younger than his sister Bella.

The boy became the part of Robertson family in 2016, when he was legally adopted. Since 2016 Rowdy appears in the family series.

Willie Alexander Robertson (brother)


He is the second son, who was legally taken under the wing of Korie and her hubby. Willie was adopted at an early age. Father Robertson opened up about his adoption in his passionate speech at Harding University.

He man told, that his wife and he accepted a biracial child to their circle, as he is the son of Jesus, like any other of us. He encouraged other people to make good dids and called his parenting experience “unbelievable”.

Willie Jr. guested on Duck Dynasty, but he had never been in the center of attention in the series. He is in good terms with his celebrated relatives.

Rebecca Robertson-Loflin (sister)


Rebecca and Bella Robertson are sisters, although they have different genes. The matter is that Rebecca was adopted by Willie and Korie Robertson, when she was in her teens.

The girl was born in the poor family in Taipei, Taiwan. She moved to USA at the age of 18.

Then she was accepted as a daughter in one of the most popular American families. At first she lived in the family as an exchange student, but then she was legally adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Robertson.

After school Rebecca entered Louisiana State University, where she gained a degree in fashion design. After that new-made Robertson relocated to LA, where she studied from reputable celebs’ designers. She landed a job of a wardrobe stylist. She creates apparel for the family boutique “Duck & Dressing”, operated by her mother.

Rebecca’s face became recognizable after her appearances in the family show “Duck Dynasty”. She performed in the project alongside her siblings and parents.

The young woman dated a musician John Reed Loflin during a couple of years. They made it official and wedded in December 2016.

Her biological mother and close friends came from Taiwan to attend the ceremony. In July, 2018 the couple announced they got pregnant with their first baby.

Sadie Robertson (sister)


Sadie Carroway Robertson is Bella’s older sister and her big friend. The pretty girl became the favorite star of “Duck Dynasty” for many people worldwide – mostly due to her big kind heart and cool dimples on her cheeks.

In spite of her young age, the girl has already reached a lot. She grew up in West Monroe, Louisiana and was a pupil at Ouachita Christian School. After the release of “Duck Dynasty” series, which took place, when the girl was just 15, she became a teen icon and a child star.

But the status of the celebrity (in the way most of people understand it) is not necessary for Sadie. She doesn’t like loud parties, and spends most part of her time, working on family business and participating in various charity projects.

She is known as an author and speaker. Several years ago the girl went on tour “Live Original”, when she met with her teen fans all over USA and spoke with them about self-confidence and right way of living.

In addition, twenty-one-year-old is an actress. She featured in the films “I’m Not Ashamed” and “God’s Not Dead 2”.

The girl demonstrated her skills to move fast and graciously in popular TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. Sadie competed in the 4th season of the show. She danced with a pro Derek Hough and the couple occupied the 2nd place.

Bella’s older sister has plenty of life energy, which she channeled to various business venues, like prom dresses line for Sherri Hill and home goods for Glory Haus and many others. She also participated in a charity event, named “give boots to the poorer”.

Bella Robertson (sister)

John Luke Robertson Siblings and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

The youngest “flower” in Mr. and Mrs. Robertson “garden”, Bella awoke famous at the age of 9. Then she caught hearts of numerous fans with her huge eyes and opened smile she showed in the episode of “Duck Dynasty”.

Later Bella added some kudos as an actress, having played a tiny role in the movie “‘I’m Not Ashamed”. Like other Robertsons, she is a faithful person, attends church regularly and participates in charity projects, arranged by her family members.

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