Joey Diaz Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Joey Diaz Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Joey Diaz Net Worth 2019An actor known for his recurring role as Joey on the TV series My Name is Earl, Joey Diaz is a multitalented actor who has made a mark in the industry with his performance. Joey loves storytelling and it is reflected in his roles whether films or on stage.

Joey Diaz Net Worth

He is known for his rough, tough and hilarious acts. He has never failed to impress the audience with his performance in every role he plays.

Net Worth

By starting his career in 1991, Joey Diaz entered the Beck’s Amateur Comedy competition in 1992 and won it. He has been hosting his podcast since 2012. Joey Diaz has a net worth of $650 thousand.

The video podcast, The Church of What’s Happening Now has got over 500 episodes. The comedian has had many ups and downs in his life but still managed to stay firm.

He loves performing for charities and has raised $1400 from his Twitter and Facebook fans to invest in a documentary about his upbringing in North Bergen. He performed stand-up comedy in his hometown of North Bergen for charity.

He performed to raise money for North Bergen High School basketball team uniforms.

Joey Diaz Bio

Joey Diaz Net Worth

Jose Antonio ‘Joey’ “CoCo” Diaz was born on February 19, 1963, in Havana, Cuba. He was raised as a Catholic, and in the 1970s, his family relocated to the United States in New Jersey.

He attended McKinley School and then went on to complete his graduation from North Bergen High School in 1982. As a student, he won an award for performing arts in school.

His mother owned a bar and also had a successful numbers game operation. When Joey was three, his father died, and his mother was found dead on the floor of his house when he was fifteen.

Height and Weight

Height 178 cm
Weight 110 kilo


Joey Diaz Net Worth

There is no any information provided about his awards and achievements which indicates that he is not awarded for any awards till date.


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