Joe Satriani Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards and Instagram

Joe Satriani Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Joe Satriani Net Worth 2020 – Joe Satriani began his career in an era when there were many budding guitarists looking for their chance.

However, even though he was a part of the crowd, he was destined to shine. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix from the very beginning, he took the guitar seriously and invested a lot of his time in honing his skills.

Joe Satriani Net Worth 2019


Joseph Satriani aka Joe Satriani was born on 15 July, 1956 in Westbury, New York. He loved Jimi Hendrix and his music so much that after he died, he decided to quit football and began learning the guitar at the age of 14.

When he turned 18, he started studying music with Billy Bauer and Lennie Tristano. He also worked for a while as a guitar instructor. Later, he attended Five Towns College where he studied music.

After moving to Berkeley, California in 1978, he resumed teaching and some of his students, such as Rick Hunolt, Andy Timmons, Kevin Cadogen etc. even went on to gain considerable fame.

He is married to Rubina Satriani since, 1981.

Joe Satriani began his career playing for a band called the “Squares”. His first album, “Not of this Earth” was released in 1986.

He released his second album which is an all-instrumental called “Surfing with the Alien” in 1987, which soon became famous and was critically acclaimed.

The soundtrack was used in some movies as well. His album “Flying in a Blue Dream” is said to be inspired by the death of his father.

He also helped produce the EP “The Eyes of Horror” and released another EP “Dreaming #11”.

“The Extremist”, which is his most commercially successful album was released in 1992. “Summer Song”, “Cryin” and “Friends” became instant hits on the radio.

He was also a part of the band “Deep Purple” for some time. Joe founded the G3, a concert tour intended to feature a trio of guitarists in 1996.

The lineup keeps changing, but Joe Satriani has remained permanent in the G3 group.

“Crystal Planet” and “Engines of Creation” are his other two albums. He released “Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock” in 2008 and participated in the Experience Hendrix Tribute Tour in 2010.

A career box set titled “Joe Satriani: The Complete Studio Recordings” was released on April 22, 2014. A book called “Strange Beautiful Music: A Memoir” was also released to coincide with the release of the box set.

On January 12 2018, he released his sixteenth studio album “What Happens Next” and it went on to receive immense love from all over the world. He has been to India on tour.

He is an ardent supporter of non-profit organizations, like Little Kids Rock, and has often raised money for them. He has mastered many techniques of playing the guitar, but his main genres are jazz, blues, and heavy metal.

Height and Weight

Height5 ft 9 in / 173 cm
Weight154 lb / 70 kg


Joe Satriani Net Worth 2019

Joe Satriani has set an example for many guitarists to come. He is a 15 time Grammy award nominee. In 2015, he received “The Maestro” honor at the Classic Rock Roll of Honor awards.


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Net Worth

Joe Satriani Net Worth 2019

The net worth of Joe Satriani is $15 million. He has earned all this and more through the sales of his albums, book and endorsements.

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