Jessica Kylie Net Worth 2020, Biography, Family and Career

Jessica Kylie Net Worth 2020, Biography, Family, and Career

Jessica Kylie Net Worth 2020 – Beautiful, confident, voluptuous and very sexy, Jessica Kylie is an American model and actress who is widely renowned for gracing the covers of popular magazines such as Pressure, Juice, Urban Ink, Quest Magazine, Smooth Magazine, and Regime.

Jessica Kylie Net Worth 2019

She has in the process gained herself lots of attention and many fans, which has further helped her grow to become famous on social media with millions of followers checking out her pages every day.

Jessica Kylie Biography

Jessica Kylie was born on the 30th of April, 1985 in the city of Houston, Texas. Although an American woman, she is reported to have Latin and Irish roots. The model grew up in Houston with her family. Details of where she had her education are not known at the moment, however, it is reported that she at least received a high school education.

Growing up, Jessica was quite outspoken and extroverted and usually got into fights with other kids. From an early age, the model already had a voluptuous body and was more physically developed than her age mates.

This made some of the girls jealous of her. Some of these girls usually mocked her and Jessica, who could not overlook them, would fight them over their mockery. Also, she had lots of boys who were always trying to woo her from when she was still young, and this was something she hated very much.

She, however, had her family and friends who stood by her whenever she needed them. Talking about her days growing up, Jessica explained that when she began high school, she had a lot of friends who were always by her and, as expected, there were loads of guys who wanted a piece of her because of her well-cut body.


Very little is known about Jessica Kylie’s parents and there is no information revealing their names or where they come from. However, since Jessica is reported to have Latin and Irish roots, it is apparent that one or both of her parents is of mixed ethnicity and not fully American.

Also, there is no information about Jessica’s siblings; it has also not been confined if she is an only child or not. The model rarely makes posts about her family on social media so it is quite difficult to know about this.


Being short, Jessica Kylie was initially skeptic that she would get a chance as a model. However, she got interested in urban modeling after looking at other models of similar body shape on magazines.

She started by doing car shows and small video shoots and eventually was selected for a calendar shoot. The calendar was canceled, but the photographer, Dwyane Darden, took some extra pictures of her and sent those to a magazine.

A week later, she got selected to fly to Jamaica along with about 20 other girls for a cover shoot for Smooth Magazine. Unexpectedly, she was selected as the cover model and was offered a second cover shoot in New York. Dwyane later became her manager and her career took off from there pretty quick.

Net Worth

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, Kylie makes an impressive earning of between $4,401-$7,336 per post on her Instagram profile titled therealkylie with an amassed follower of over 2.2 million.

Furthermore, Jessica accumulates an excellent earning out of her profession. However, her actual salary and net worth are still under review.

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