Jeremy Roloff Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career

Jeremy Roloff Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, and Career.

Jeremy Roloff Net Worth 2020 – Oregon-born Jeremy Roloff was born as Jeremy James Roloff on May 10, 1990. He possesses American nationality and is an actor.

Presently, he is a prominent figure in the media as the star of reality TV series, “Little People, Big World”. He also works as a photographer.

Jeremy Roloff Net Worth


Jeremy Roloff was born in Oregon, U.S.A on the 10th of May 1990 to dwarf parents Matthew Roloff and Amy Roloff. His father was into the sales of computer software.

He has a fraternal twin called Zachary Roloff who is shorter than he is but they both share a strong bond from childhood. He also has two younger siblings, Molly Roloff, and Jacob Roloff.

Though he is nicknamed Jer Farmer, unlike the other members of the Roloff family, Jeremy’s life is not limited to just the family’s farm.

Jeremy Roloff is married to his longtime girlfriend Audrey Mirabella Botti. They met after a blind date meeting set by their friend. After their first meeting, he chased her for 2 years before they really started dating.

The couple eventually dated for 3 years in a long-distance relationship; as Jeremy went to film school in Santa Barbara, and Audrey ran cross country and track for Oregon State.

Jeremy Roloff later proposed to her on the TLC show; Little People Big World on the 15th of March 2014, and they got married on the 20th of September 2014.


He went to Brooks Institute of photography in Southern California where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in photography in June 2017. His interest is in photography, exploring the world and building.


Jeremy is a star featuring on TLC reality TV series, “Little People Big World”. The show focuses his dwarf parents and their children including him. The first episode premiered on March 4, 2006.

The series has already premiered for 11 seasons. Other than that, there is no proper information that describes his career or profession.

Roloff family also has a big farm in Oregon in which they grow pumpkins and has launched  Pumpkin Food Product Business. The farm is also a tourist destination.

Jeremy Roloff Net Worth

Net Worth

Jeremy Roloff is an American reality television personality and student who has a net worth of $300 thousand dollars.

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