Jennifer Pfautch Net Worth 2020, Bio, Early Life, Married Life and Family Net Worth

Jennifer Pfautch Net Worth 2020, Bio, Early Life, Married Life and Family Net Worth

Jennifer Pfautch is a white Publicist whose relationship with notable celebrities brought her to the limelight.

Though not a celebrity on her own, Pfautcher has gained much popularity via her close relationship with one of America’s hottest actors, Omar Hardwick.

As a diplomatic woman with a captivating personality and principles, Jennifer Pfautch kept her head raised up high while doing what she’s best known for and doing it just fine.

Jennifer Pfautch Net Worth 2020

Jennifer Pfautch Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education:

Pfautch has so far succeeded in keeping all information regarding herself and family a secret. However, her nationality is American, and she belongs to white ethnicity.

She hails from Saint Louis, Missouri and has worked as a publicist and producer at some of Hollywood’s most prestigious companies

Her age and birthday remain a secret as no information is available about her history.

Pfautch has an amazingly tall and toned build. Some Twitter users were quick to react to her appearance, with many boldly referring to her as being ugly.

She operates a site where she posts inspirational quotes and words of wisdom and recipes.

Personal Life:

Jennifer Pfautch Net Worth

Pfautch is the wife of the actor Omar Hardwick best known for his role as Ghost St. Patrick in the drama series Power. The two were married in 2012.

Considering the soaring criticism about her relationship with the TV personality, the two had a quiet wedding with few people in attendance as they both agreed to keep their new home out of the spotlight and unwanted attention.

However, it seems some people aren’t in support of the interracial marriage as her husband’s over two million fans who are mostly of the Balck race, wanted him to marry a black woman instead.

But graciously, Hardwick is not turned by his fans’ criticisms as he continues to parade his wife as a “beautiful angel”.

“Love you ghost … you lost points for marrying white…but we still got you,” one of Hardwick’s fan posted on social media.

But to prove his love for his wife and supporter for years, Hardwick took to Twitter saying “I wish all of you could experience celebrity for a week to understand the LEVEL of ugly in certain diseases (called human beings).”

Although these periods had some effect on her, Pfautch made no hurtful comment to her haters. Instead, she used her natural style and educated them with the words of wisdom and said that she didn’t care about them.

At a time it was rumoured that Pfautch lost her son. This came after her husband tried to make his fans to realise their mistakes when he tweeted that he had lost three of his family members in the span of three years explaining what the definition of ugly is.

It turned out that her husband was referring to his son with his former girlfriend.The boy died in infancy in 2007.

They are now parents of two beautiful children — Nova and Brave— as they welcomed their second child in 2016.

Jennifer Pfautch Family Net Worth

Jennifer Pfautch Net Worth

As we already know, Pfautch is very secretive about her personal life, hence not much is known about her financial status. But, her husband’s successes in TV series could as well be linked to her advisory and supportive roles in his life.

She has been with Omar Hardwick in the years when he had no house to live in and had no money to fend for himself. That was their beginning, and it continues to this day.No doubt played great roles in her husband’s fame and successes.

No doubt Pfautch played great roles in her husband’s fame and successes. She talked her 43-year-old husband into accepting the role of Ghost St. Patrick which raised him to popularity. Today, the family is worth more than 1.5 million dollars, thanks to Pfautch’s supportive efforts.

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