Jason Nash Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Marital Life

Jason Nash Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, and Marital Life.

Jason Nash Net Worth 2020 – Actor, writer, director, and comedian, Jason Nash is a bundle of talents which he has utilized effectively and as a result, catapulted himself to stardom both on the internet and in the mainstream media.

Jason Nash Net Worth 2019

Though he originally started his showbiz career on the traditional media, Nash got his big break on the now-defunct video-sharing app, Vine.


Jason Nash was born in Boston, the USA on 4th May 1974 to parents Asian descent.

He maintains that growing up in Boston was tough for him as he was always surrounded by non-creative business-minded people, while he always wanted to do something creative with his life.

As a kid, Jason was a massive fan of the filmmaker Woody Allen, who almost always wrote and starred in his own films. Jason wanted to follow his footsteps and would practice his acting chops in front of a mirror.

He says that his decision to come to Hollywood was mostly because of Woody Allen, who features New York in many of his movies as a romantic city with grey shades.


  • Jason Nash trained with Upright Citizen Brigade in the early stages of his career and was also a member of sketch group ‘Price, Nash and Blieden’. The small group was noticed by Fox and NBC and they got selected thrice to perform in the Aspen Comedy Festival.
  • In 2001, Jason Nash left his hometown and arrived in Hollywood in order to start a career in acting and writing. Prior to that, he worked for Norm McDonald for ‘Saturday Night Live’ while still in college, but working behind the curtains wasn’t something he intended to do and hence, the move to Hollywood.
  • Upon moving to Hollywood, Jason’s talents were immediately recognized and he became a cast member on VH1 for a comedy sketch show ‘Random Play’. During that time, Jason managed to sell several of his TV shows but sadly, not a single one of them made it on air. His struggle became a typical one, as most actors’ do at some point in their life, doing small parts here and there, hoping to make it big.
  • Around 2006, when the internet was booming, MTV recognized its ability to connect well with the youths and bought Atom.com, a digital entertainment company, which also provided the first big break for Jason. Jason had worked for MTV in the past, so it became easy for him to pitch his idea for a show and was immediately accepted. Jason went on to creating the web series for MTV titled ‘The Shaman’, starring himself. The show resonated well with the audiences.
  • Jason then made a switch to stand up comedy and when Atom.com saw his performance on one of his shows, his comic brilliance was immediately noticed and the company offered him to create another web series for them, titled ‘Jason Nash is Married’. The show made its debut on the site in 2010 and in the show, Jason and his on-screen wife Busy Philips entertained the audiences with their domestic antics.
  • Excited over the warm reception from the audiences for his movie Jason started writing more screenplays and sent them out for the studios to consider. His second movie IFC is ready, starring him and his friend Brandon. During that time, he kept appearing in different sketches on the internet and his fan base kept growing. Until now, he has been associated with CBS, IFC, and Oxygen. He is also known as the co-creator of a popular podcast titled ‘Guys with Feelings’.
  • Apart from his comic acts, Jason has also acted in Illustrated, Supernews, House, Drake, and Josh and has been a voice artist for the popular American animation show ‘The Simpsons’.


Marital Life

Jason Nash is married and has a kid. He met his wife during college and dated her for many years prior to marriage and eventually tied the marital bond.

Jason Nash Net Worth

Jason Nash is an American comedian, actor, and writer who has a net worth of $1 million.