Jamie Grant Family Members and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career

Jamie Grant Family Members and Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education and Career.

Jamie Grant Family Members and Net Worth 2020Jamie was born in circa around 1958. Jamie is Hugh’s big friend and supporter.

Brothers have warm relationships and see each other quite often in spite of busy schedules. Jamie is not a celebrity, but he is successful, too.

The man used to be a banker and during many years served as JP Morgan Vice President. Jamie is a well-educated person.

He studied at Latymer Upper School in London, and then continued his education at the University of Oxford, where he majored in Fine Arts and French Literature. He graduated with a master degree.

Jamie Grant

Jamie Grant Family Members:

Jamie Grant’s Father

James Grant

Date of Birth: 1929

James Murray Grant is that very person, who fathered Love Actually actor Hugh Grant. He was born in 1929 in the family of James Sr and Jessie Grant. By the way, Hugh’s paternal grandfather James Sr was a military man.

He was a Colonel and resided in Scotland. In his early years the future star visited his grandpa and heard lots of military stories from him.

James Murray served in the army, too and left his military career as a captain. Then he turned into a businessman, and also into a great family man, who cared a lot about his sons and wife.

By the way, Hugh told in an interview, that he became much closer with his father after his mother’s death in 2001. In spite of Grant’s busy schedule he always finds time for a Sunday dinner with his dad.

Jamie Grant’s Mother

Finvola Grant

Date of birth: October 11, 1933

Date of death: July 2001

Finvola was that every person, who gave Hugh his huge blue eyes and open smile. She was a primary school teacher, was fluent in French and liked music.

The woman was diagnosed with cancer, and after a long battle with it, she died at the age of 67. Hugh was depressed after Finvola’s departure and took a break from his career to cope with his disaster.

Jamie Grant’s Brother

Hugh Grant

Date of birth: September 9, 1960

Jamie Grant Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Incredibly handsome and well-educated, he is known by various talents, including the ability to be friends with his ex-girlfriends (Liz Hurley, for example) and to appear in the center of a spicy scandal, when he was caught by LA police in the company of a local prostitute.

Hugh was born in a middle-class family in England. His father, a former military man, earned his living as a carpet salesman, while his mother was a teacher. He grew up alongside an older brother James.

He was incredibly beautiful in his young years, and that was the reason of his troubles. Very often classmates bullied him, and Hugh was fighting with them. Very often his cute face was smashed.

He starred in school performances, but after graduation decided to study literature. He entered New College, Oxford, but continued playing on the stage as a part of “Piers Gaveston Society” – the acting club for students.

In the middle 1980s he focused his energy on the activity of an actor. The young man appeared in his first projects, but none of them became successful.

He was struggling for his stardom and joined acting with the regular job of a copywriter. In 1987 finally, his fate gave him a smile. He acted in “Maurice”, a complicated drama of James Ivory about homosexual love.

Since then Hugh is a prominent English actor, whose ideal face is known to everyone. He has already portrayed lots of screen heroes, which have become a favorite for many people worldwide.

He is a loafer Will from “About a Boy”, good-natured heart-eater William Thacker, who lives in Notting Hill and an insidious chief of a plump, but pretty Bridget Jones.

He is an incredibly lyrical and multifaceted actor, who was a bachelor during many years, and finally decided to tie a knot. Let’s read about his family.

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