James Deen Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement

James Deen Net Worth 2020, Bio, Profile, Career, and Achievement

James Deen is the stage name for renowned porn star Bryan Matthew Sevilla. Apart from being a porn star, Deen is also a director of adult films.

James Deen Net Worth


James was born on 7 February 1986 in a place called Los Angeles County. But he was raised in Pasadena. His parents is mechanical, and the other is electrical engineers.

One of his parents worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In 2004, Deen graduated from La Cañada High School. When he was 17, he moved in with his father.

He studied at Pasadena City College there. He even worked at Starbucks for two years.


Deen had been interested in working and acting in this adult industry from the time he was in kindergarten. In 2004, when he debuted in the industry, he worked with an elderly female pornography actor.

In 2009, he earned the award for the “Male Performer of the Year” at the age of 22. AVN gave this award. The distinction made him the youngest actor to get the prize.

Deen has many teen fans, which consists of more girls. In the year 2012, ABC Nightline broadcast the Porn’s Boy Next Door. There Both Deen and his supporters were interviewed.

His fans consider him to be the Ryan Gosling of the pornographic industry.

Deen even collaborated work with the site WoodRocket.com. He was the host of an original web series.

There he loved food and was seen reviewing many high-end restaurants and ordering every food. He even ordered items in the drive-thru. Deen created a $580 worth burrito.

Deen started crowdfunding from the site Kickstarter.com. He wanted to raise funds for the company that he opened called Western film Cowboys & Engines.

He is even the producer of the Ryn Pryor vehicle. The campaign led by him had exceeded the goal of raising a fund of $100,000. Actors like Malcolm McDowell, Richard Hatch had signed for the project.

Deen is believed to have worked in more than 3000 videos. For an actor of this age to make so many videos is a recording breaker.

James Deen Net Worth

Net Worth

Deen’s net worth is believed to have an approximate net worth of $4 million. He earns an annual salary of $240,000. He has made this great fortune from the hard work he had put into.

His net worth includes possessions and earnings. He even started many other projects which earn him more money.

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