Jackie Chan Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Award

Jackie Chan Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, and Award.

Jackie Chan Net Worth 2020 – Chan has been famous for doing his own stunts on film, largely without the aid of special effects, and the closing credits of his more recent releases feature a comic but brutal background montage of stunts gone wrong.

Jackie Chan Net Worth 2020

The list of body parts Chan has injured while filming includes his head (it has a deep dent into which he will sometimes allow reporters to stick their fingers), eye, mouth, teeth, throat, neck, arm, shoulder, legs, foot, nose, ears, cheekbone, chin, hand, back, chest, pelvis, and knee.

Net Worth 2020

Jackie Chan’s net worth and salary: Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong-born movie star who has a net worth of $370 million.


The future star was born on April 7, 1954, into a low-income family. The child’s weight was more than five kg., and the mother called him “pao-pao” which meant “cannonball.” The parents were so poor that they had to leave their son at a hospital for a while. Later, they paid the bill and took the kid back home.

Charles and Lee-Lee Chan left China during the civil war and moved to Hong Kong where they got hired as a cook and housemaid in the French Embassy. In the 1960s, when Jackie grew up, the family settled in Australia.

At six, Jackie Chan joined the Peking Opera School where he gained his first stage experience and learned to comprehend how his body worked. In the same period, the boy took an interest in kung fu.


Chan, whose breakthrough came with the 1978 release the film, “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow,” has appeared in more than 100 films during his career to date and is a cultural icon in his home country. He is also well-known as a singer in Hong Kong, famous fortunes in “Cantopop” and “Mandopop”.

Jackie Chan’s name also appears on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Funny and engaging, he is extremely popular with movie fans in Hong Kong and in the United States, as well.

Jackie is probably most famous to Western audiences for his appearance in the “Rush Hour” film franchise which has grossed a cumulative $845 million globally to date.


Chan was awarded an honorary Academy Award in 2016 for “extraordinary achievements” in film. He has won many other awards including several Hong Kong Film Awards, Kid’s Choice Awards, and MTV Movie Awards. In 1988 he started the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and in 2005 he created the Dragon’s, Heart Foundation.

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