Isaiah Bennington Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career and Achievement

Isaiah Bennington Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career and Achievement.

Isaiah Bennington Family Members and Net Worth – Chezzy (as the fans name a rock star) adopted the son of his school sweetheart Elka in 2006, soon after his divorce from Samantha. Although he is not a biological kid of the musician, the latter one brought him up as a real father.Isaiah Bennington Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career and Achievement

In addition, he included him to the last will along with all the rest 5 children. The ex Linkin Park frontman asked the care takers of his kids to encourage the meetings between them and make them one big loving family.

The young man resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He studied at Williams Field High School. The young man likes to party with his friends and spends a lot of time with his stepmother Talinda, who names the boy “my son”. He is a college student as for now.

Chester Bennington Family Members:

 Chester Bennington (Father)

Isaiah Bennington Family Members and Net Worth

He is known by his angelic voice and meaningful songs, which helped millions of people win their life battles. But he lost his own fight – with drugs and inner fears. In spite of his sudden departure in July, 2017 Chester till now remains an idol for a big army of his fans.

The future vocalist of cult rock bands “Linkin Park” and “Dead by Sunrise” spent his early years in Phoenix, AZ. He is the only common son of a nurse Susan Eubanks and her then-husband Lee Bennington, a police detective. He is the youngest kid in the family and has three older half-siblings from both, maternal and paternal sides.

When the boy turned 11, his world broke up, because his mother and father divorced. Susan lost the custody battle, and Chester stayed in the home of his father.

Misunderstanding between him and his dad led to the disorder in teen’s soul. He began to take drugs and write music. In 1994 he graduated from Washington High School in order to start career of a musician.

He was a vocalist of the band “Grey Daze” in 1993-1997. The band released two studio albums and gained some popularity, but that was not enough for Chester. He left the group and then became the member of another one – “Hybrid Theory”, which later was renamed to “Linkin Park”.

At first Bennington wanted to name it “Lincoln Park” as the sight of interest in Santa Monica, where he liked to spend time, but then discovered that domain with such a name had already been taken, so he renamed his group into “Linkin Park”.

The band signed the deal with Warner Bros. and immediately released the debut album “Hybrid Theory”, which gained multi-platinum status. From 2000 to 2017 “Linkin Park” presented 7 super successful studio albums.

Chester’s career and life stropped on July 20, 2017, when he committed a suicide through hanging in his Californian mansion.

Jaime Bennington (half brother)

In spite of his marriage to Samantha, Chester has always been very close to Elka, his high school love and mother of his first son Jaime Bennington.

In spite of the fact that he is not a biological son of Chester’s second spouse Talinda, the young man stays connected with his stepmother. The woman quite often leaves her comments at Jaime’s Twitter page. By the way, she tells, that Jaime has the same smile as his late father.

As for now, he is a student at the University of Texas. Mr. Bennington Jr. studies music and filmmaking there. He positions himself as a film composer and screen writer in social media. In 2015 he won an award at Campus Movie Festival as the creator of the best film.

Draven Bennington (half-brother)

After Chester’s divorce from Samantha, she won the full custody over their son Draven. Nevertheless, the boy communicated with his father and was in good terms with him. As Sam wrote later in social media, she brought up her boy in great respect to his dad’s talent.

Draven studies in college and resides with his mother nowadays. After his father’s suicide he posted several emotional videos, where he addressed to people, who wanted to kill themselves in order to prevent them from doing it.

Tyler Bennington (half-brother)

He is the first son of Talinda and Chester Bennington. The boy was in the 6th grade, when his father committed a suicide. It was Tyler, who taped a note to his father’s cup not long before his tragic death. The boy asked Chester “to love life” in the note.

Two days before Mr. Bennington death, he played with his son Tyler, and their mother made a video of them having fun. Nobody could notice depressive mood of Linkin Park ex-frontman on that tape. He laughed and looked very happy, spending time with his family.

Tyler now resides in California with his mother and two younger twin sisters Lila and Lily. He has two older half-brothers and one older step-brother from his father’s previous relationships. According to his mother’s words, he was really depressed by Chester’s departure.

She does everything to help her son cope with his emotions. She has Bennington’s microphone at home, and she advises her son to take it and speak about his feelings in it, when he misses his dad much.

Lila and Lily Bennington( half-sister)Isaiah Bennington Net Worth 2020, Bio, Education, Career and Achievement

Lila Rose and Lily Grace are two beautiful 7-year-old girls and twin sisters, daughters of late musician Chester Bennington and his wife of 12 years Talinda Bentley.

According to the words of his spouse, Chester was a great father to all his kids, including the twins. He took them to Pre-kindergarten every morning, when he wasn’t out on business. Lily and Lila were close with their dad.

Now their mother Talinda brings them up as the single parent. She tells, the girls don’t fully understand, what happened to their father. Mrs. Bennington cares about their mental health. She knows, that one day she has to explain them everything and want them to be ready for this moment.

As for now, the girls reside with their mother in Palos Verdes, CA. They moved away from the house, where Chester committed a suicide. Lila and Lily are school pupils. They have an older brother Tyler, their only full sibling, and three other half-brothers from paternal side.

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