Interstellar – Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Movie Sequel

Interstellar – Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Movie Sequel

It definitely would not be an overstatement to call Christopher Nolan the auteur director of our time.

Nolan doesn’t just make movies, he creates visual experiences, where each experience is filled a one of a kind, unparalleled intensity.

The kind that forces its viewers to become active participants in each story he weaves together with intricate details, with each story meant to be watched with both one’s mind and heart.

Nolan’s 2014 ambitious masterpiece, ‘Interstellar’ is, of course, no different.

‘Interstellar’ is many things. It is a sci-fi space epic about time-traveling that explores the depths of space, passing through time and galaxies.

It explores complex concepts like wormholes and black holes, relative time, tesseract, and five-dimensional beings.

It is a larger than life narrative about the survival and evolution of humanity, and the potential death of earth.

In a lot of ways, it is also a love story between Cooper and Amelia. But at its root, ‘Interstellar’ remains a story about a father and daughter, about Cooper and Murphy.

‘Interstellar’ is also a monumental feat in the cinema of our time, a master stroke like no other, with its complex story-lines, non-linear narratives, its play on time and space, and the grandiosity of its visuals.

It leaves its audience exhausted with its intensity, yet asking for more.

This is why, here we are, wondering, and hoping if this masterfully created space epic will ever get a sequel. Here’s everything we know about it.

Interstellar 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?


Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ is set in mid-twentieth century earth, which is facing a major environmental catastrophe that could end all of humanity.

It revolves around the story of Joseph Cooper, a farmer and a former NASA pilot, played by Matthew McConaughey.

Cooper accidentally stumbles upon a secret NASA base headed by Professor Brand, while exploring the strange gravitational patterns that emerge on his daughter Murphy’s bedroom floor.

This eventually leads Cooper to be recruited as the pilot for Endurance, a spacecraft for interstellar travel, in an attempt to explore other habitable planets.

He leaves in a mission to figure out a way to save humanity, promising Murphy that he’ll return. The rest of the movie explores Cooper’s space travels, and his journey to fulfill his daughter’s promise.

Through ‘Intersteller’, Nolan gives its viewers, and Cooper, a relatively happy ending. This also means that there is more potential for a sequel as the characters embark on their new journeys.

If there were ever to be a sequel to ‘Interstellar’, it would definitely be as complex and intense as the first part, if not more.

I think the plot of ‘Interstellar 2’ could revolve around life in Edmund’s habitable planet, along with the concepts of morality and politics in the future, and what happens next.

The first part ends with the reunion of Cooper and Murphy and a sense of closure between the two. Cooper is then shown to rejoin Amelia Brand (played by Anne Hathaway), with TARS and CASE.

‘Interstellar 2’ then could maybe focus on Cooper’s relationship with Amelia, along with their own personal conflicts and loss.

It could potentially also focus on Cooper’s relationship with his son, Tom, who we learn very little about in the film, but who he also leaves behind.

Since the movie is also essentially about time-travel, the sequel could also see Cooper interacting with his dead wife in the past. With concepts like these and Nolan’s mind, the possibilities are unlimited.

In ‘Interstellar 2’, it would also be fascinating to further explore the concept of the five-dimensional beings, that we eventually learn are highly evolved human beings from the future.

Since the movie is based on complex concepts that haven’t entirely been proven, concepts like five-dimensionality, and relative time, have endless possibilities in the way they can be explored by someone as brilliant as Nolan.

Interstellar 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

Matthew McConaughey has mentioned in past interviews that he would definitely be interested in being a part of an ‘Interstellar’ sequel if the opportunity arises, but only if the project feels solid and right to him:

“It’s possible, I’d have to go through the due diligence I always do — script, director, etc, but it’s possible.”, McConaughey stated in an interview.

Since ‘Interstellar’ is essentially Joseph Cooper’s story, it would definitely have to star McConaughey in the lead, reprising his role in the sequel.

The movie should ideally also star Anne Hathaway as Amelia Brand. It would only make sense to begin where the first part left off, and further, explore the relationship Cooper and Amelia share with each other.

Personally, it would also be great to see TARS and Case, the rectangular robots, voiced by Bill Irwin and Josh Stewart respectively, in the sequel as they ended up being characters that the audience grew to adore in the film.

Along with these, the movie could definitely have some additional characters from both the future and the past.


Interstellar 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

If there is someone who can pull off another complex masterpiece like ‘Interstellar’, it is only Christopher Nolan and his mind.

But as it is widely known, Nolan does not work on sequels (except the ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy), and only makes singular films, all of which are, of course, brilliant in their own ways.

So, there are very fewer chances of getting a sequel that would be directed by Nolan.

But since he has made sequels once before, we can be at least a tiny bit hopeful that someday he could work on a sequel to ‘Interstellar’ too.

The only other director that comes to mind is the ingenious Steven Spielberg, who has previously also worked on several science-fiction movies.

Interestingly, Jonathan Nolan had actually originally the written and developed ‘Interstellar’ for Spielberg.

Since we will never get to witness the magic that Spielberg would have created in his version of ‘Interstellar’, we can definitely hope that he gets to direct the sequel, if it is ever made.

Other than the director, we can only hope that Jonathan Nolan writes the script for the sequel and that we continue to see the visual magic created by Nathan Crowley as the production designer, and Hoyte van Hoytema as the cinematographer.


Interstellar 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

If a sequel to ‘Interstellar’ is made, it would certainly not be created within the next 2-3 years.

The chances for a sequel are generally really low, since Nolan’s masterpiece was, in many ways, more than self-sufficient.

But if at all, a sequel is made, it would not work out in the near future, as both Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg have prior commitments to their other works that will be released in the coming years.

Nolan’s ‘Tenet’, while Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’, both are scheduled to release in 2020. Thus, we can only hope for a sequel to ‘Interstellar’ by 2023.