Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, Career and Relationship

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2020, Biography, Education, Career and Relationship.

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2020 – Harvey Weinstein is a genius Hollywood produced who had ranked the first in the changeable world of movie dreams.

He is the Oscar winner, the founder of the companies “Miramax Films” and “The Weinstein Company,” the creator of hundreds of movies, the owner of millions of dollars, and the favorite of the fate.

Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2019

Who would have thought that this person’s biography would become a classic Hollywood story of fabulous success and fabulous failure?


Weinstein was born in Flushing, New York City, New York on March 19, 1952, to parents Max Weinstein and Miriam. Throughout his early life, he grew up with his younger brother, Bob Weinstein, in a housing co-op named Electchester in New York City.

He grew up with a passion for films since his childhood years. He is of American nationality. Furthermore, he belongs to the Ashkenazi Jewish ethnic background.


Talking about his education, Harvey Weinstein graduated from John Bowne High School and later he attended the University at Buffalo. He was awarded the Honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters (DHL) by the University at Buffalo.


Weinstein along with his brother initially created a small independent film distribution company named Miramax, named after their parents, Miriam and Max.

In the early 1980s, Miramax acquired the rights to two British films of benefit shows filmed for the human rights organization Amnesty International.

The Weinsteins slowly built upon this success throughout the 1980s with arthouse films. Additionally, the Weinstein brothers left Miramax on September 30, 2005, to form their own production company, The Weinstein Company.

Furthermore, Weinstein has been active on issues such as poverty, AIDS, juvenile diabetes, and multiple sclerosis research.

Additionally, he serves on the Board of the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City-based non-profit that targets poverty, and co-chaired one of its annual benefits.

In addition, he was also active n the fashion industry.  He produced Project Runway, the fashion reality show. All in all, he has over 300 credits as a producer, 3 credits as an actor, and 2 credits as a director.


Harvey Weinstein got a reputation of a heartbreaker. His girlfriends were always notable for their beauty and unusual charm. For the first time, the producer married in 1987 – it was Eve Chilton who worked as his assistant.

In 1995, they had their first child, the daughter Remy. In 1998, the producer’s daughter Emma was born. His third daughter Ruth was born in 2002. Unfortunately, even children could not save Harvey and Eve’s relationship – in 2004, they broke up.

Net Worth 2020

Weinstein has not revealed his current salary. However, he has an estimated net worth of around $ 250 million at present.

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