Hans Molenkamp Net Worth 2021, Career, Lifestyle, and Achievements

Hans is the head of Monster Energy’s combat sports division and the owner of Triumph United, a Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu equipment corporation. Hans is a martial artist who has competed in Muay Thai and Vale Tudo competitions and possesses a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Today we are going to reveal the full identity of this hidden icon together with Hans Molenkamp Net Worth.

Who is Hans Molenkamp?

Hans Molenkamp may be a familiar face for MMA fans, just scroll through your Instagram feed and you can spot him in pictures of famous fighters such as Conor McGregor and Kimbo Slice.

Molenkamp is a brand builder, marketing architect, and influencer strategist; the man behind some of the biggest brand deals in combat sport, including McGregor’s high profile signing with Monster Energy.

Conor himself has frequently mentioned all the hard work that Hans has done for mixed martial artists like him, thanking him personally for helping “fighters provide for themselves and their families.”

Hans has been able to harness the power of social media, having grown his following ten-fold in just a year and a half and reaching over 90k followers on Instagram.

He is a believer in the power of social media and engages with his followers regularly. Hans believes that the consistent quality content he puts out is what is most important, it’s the real driving force behind his growth on social media.

Molenkamp’s personal mantra when it comes to business is simple, “Your network is your net-worth”, creating a strong network of friends and followers and building your own personal brand translates directly to future financial success.

Utilizing his skills in marketing, design, photography, and business, Molenkamp has built an identity for multiple companies and athletes in his long and varied career, helping them to gain much greater visibility, wider reach, and higher valued sponsors.

Although he is undoubtedly a businessman with a keen entrepreneurial instinct, the vast network and the connections he has made over the years have helped to boost his career.

Hans has a proven track record for discovering talent early on and sponsoring major athletes before they hit the mainstream; the likes of Connor McGregor, Rampage Jackson, and Kimbo Slice have all been discovered by him.

It’s no surprise, after all, he comes from a sports background and has previously worked as a marketing director for DC Shoes and OSIRIS; he spotted the talent and fan appeal of pro skateboarders Danny Way and Corey Duffel and professional surfer Jamie O’Brien too.

Hans also produced and directed award-winning television commercials for the ‘We are OSIRIS’ campaign. When speaking about the campaign, Hans stressed the importance of creating the “emotional connection through the eyes of our world-class athletes” coupled with music and art to create “an authentic overall brand campaign.”

Following up on the astronomical success of his Monster Energy MMA team, Molenkamp recently made a deal with cbdMD, bringing the oil firm to Bellator MMA as an official partner.

Molenkamp certainly keeps himself busy through all his business ventures, client consultations, social media posts, and tough training regime it’s what he thrives on.

“I didn’t choose my career, it chose me,” Hans explains, “I never turn down work, so when asked to do something I would just do it regardless of the turnout, and eventually I became a jack of all trades, someone who offered extreme value to many people and companies.”

Career and Achievements

While most people scoff at the thought of being a jack of all trades and a master of none, sometimes it pays off to go for versatility.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu expert, Hans Molenkamp, is an avid practitioner of Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling. He is also a prolific marketer, designer, and photographer. Clearly, being a ‘jack of all trades’ has worked out just fine for him.

Hans Molenkamp Net Worth

A resident of Oceanside, California, Hans worked as a manager at SurfRide Boat Shop between 1995 to 1998. For a year after that, he worked as a marketing director and apparel designer at XYZ Clothing, DC Shoes, and Rap Logic.

After gaining years of experience in this industry, Hans finally started his own company in 2005. Today, he is the CEO of Triumph United Equipment Company and an MMA Athletic Influencer Program Developer at Monster Energy and CbdMD.

A student of political science, Hans believes that he didn’t choose this career route, it chose him! He says, “I never turn down work.

When I am asked to do something, I just do it regardless of the turnout and eventually find a way to get the desired result. Today, I am able to add value to many people’s private ventures and companies.”

Hans categorizes himself as a modern ‘brand builder’. He utilizes his skills in marketing and design to build online brands out of companies and athletes.

He has successfully managed to build multiple million-dollar companies and athletes. In 2018, Hans decided to build his own personal brand. How that came into being is also an interesting story as well.

Hans says, “After preaching to many of my clients (companies and athletes) about social media and how to use it to create and share content, I decided to push my own personal brand and build my own legacy.”

In just a year and a half, Hans grew his social media following from 8k to 90k. The engagement on his social media remains higher than ever.

Hans does not believe in buying likes and followers. He keeps a constant flow of solid content on his social profiles and that does the magic. He also has several celebrities as a part of his vast network.

As said by Hans himself, “Your network is your net worth!” But even before social media was a rage, Hans created global skateboard tours which were covered by numerous publications and television networks.

In addition to creating these World Cup Skateboard events, Hans has created numerous brands of best-selling shoes, apparel, and combat sports equipment.

Not many know that he discovered and sponsored major athletes like Conor McGregor, Rampage Jackson, Kimbo Slice, Corey Duffel, Danny Way, and Jaime O’Brien before their rise to mainstream success.

A black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Hans offers daily advice and motivation on his Instagram to those who seek it. At the end of the day, the 41-year-old wants to inspire others to have a journey as remarkable as his.

Hans Molenkamop Wikipedia

Hana Molenkamop is not featured by Wikipedia and we can’t find his bio easily.

He is a top gun in the UFC and recently in news because of some disputes over contracts and the UFC fighters speaking out for that.

Hans Molenkamp Net Worth

He was born in the 7o’s but we don’t know his age or height, or any information related to his body and personal life.

By profession as per his Instagram, he prefers to call, himself an Entrepreneur.

Hans Molenkamop’s Net Worth:

Hans’s Net worth is not known.

But since he holds a powerful position and is seen in almost every Instagram post and event of UFC, we can assume he earns a good salary and has a huge net worth.

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