Hank Williams III Net Worth 2021, Bio, Education, and Career

The real name of Hank Williams Jr. is Randall Hank Williams. He is an American singer, Musician, and Songwriter. He is the son of a  well-known singer Hank Williams best in the Traditional Country, Southern Rock, and Blues genre of music. Let us go straight to Hank Williams III Net Worth 2021.

Hank Williams III Net Worth 2021

Hank was born into a family full of musicians. His father was a famous musician, singer, and songwriter, Hank William.

His mother’s name was Audrey Williams, who was also famous as a songwriter and musician. Hank Jr. was born in 1942 in Louisiana, located in the United States.

He was raised by his mother as he lost his father at the early age of 4. But his interest in music from childhood helped him in making it big in the music industry.

He has a love for instruments, and he can play a lot of them like piano, saxophone, guitar, drum, harmonica, and keyboards.

Again he lost two years of his life as he fell from a mountain and had serious injuries. He came back in music with an album named “The New South.” After some years, he started to give hit songs again.

In the late ’70s, one of the biggest hits which he gave was “I Fought the Law.” He reached the height of popularity in the ’80s.

His career went on a high with three big hits in 1981 named “Dixie on My Mind,” “Texas Women,” and “All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down).” 127 Rose Avenue is one of his last hit albums released in 2009.


Hank Jr recorded his father’s song as his debut single “Long Gone Lonesome Blues,” and it was a big hit in 1964. In that year, he starred in a film named “A Time to sing.”

For the next two years, he was not able to give any more hit songs. Then he wrote a song himself “Standing in the Shadows,” which was a big hit again.

He was not happy as people call him an imitator of Hank Williams, so he created a new style in the song which was loved by people. When he turned 18, he fell into drug and alcohol abuse, which later led to his suicide attempt in 1974.

He then went to Alabama and recorded a few songs by hooking up with Southern rockers like the Marshall Tucker Band’s Toy Caldwell, Charlie Daniels.

He recorded a rock & roll album named Hank Williams Jr. & Friends. It was not a big smashing hit, but the music was good.

Hank Jr. Net Worth 2021

Hank Williams III Net Worth

Hank Jr. is a great singer who has a lot of fan following. He earned his wealth from songwriting and singing. To date, his net worth is around $60 million, which proves his worth as a singer too.

Hank Jr’s song Keep the change was very hit and got 1,80,000 downloads in the time span of 2 days.

His albums That’s how they do it Dixie, maverick, Pure hank and The way I see it, are all certified by RIAA earning him $5,00,000 per album. His album Jr’s Greatest Hits Vol 3 had record sales with earnings to him of $1,000,000.

Now the legacy of Hank William Jr. is being carried by his daughter Holly Williams. She is now making a mark in the music industry as a singer and songwriter.

Being a great singer and songwriter himself and coming from the same family, the legacy would surely be continued marking the family name at the top.

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