Haley Bennett Family Members and Net Worth 2019, Biography Education and Career

Haley Bennett Family Members and Net Worth 2019, Biography Education and Career.

Haley Bennett Family Members and Net Worth 2019She made her movie debut in the musical comedy “Music and Lyrics”, which aired on the big screen in 2007? It is the story about a former pop star Alex Fletcher (he was played by legendary Hugh Grant) and his home keeper  Sophie Fisher (she was depicted by godlike Drew Barrymore). Fletcher and Fisher created the new hit song – and fell in love, of course. The great movie was the screen debut of a young beautiful actress Haley Bennett, who acted as Cora Corman, a young pop-star.

As for now, Haley’s film list is full of hits. She played the main female role in an action movie “The Magnificent Seven” and acted opposite stellar Emily Blunt in “The Girl on the Train”. She is titled as a rising Hollywood star by numerous magazines, and very often the cheeky beauty with almond-shaped eyes is compared to Jennifer Lawrence, one of the most famous modern actresses in the world.

Hayley Bennett was born in the sunniest state of Florida in January 1988. She spent the first years of her life in the town of Fort Myers, but then her father moved her to Stowe, OH, where Haley attended a high school for some time, till she moved back to Florida. There Haley fell in love with theater. She visited acting classes and attended music lessons (which later gave her an opportunity to perform songs in her films by herself).

After graduation, she made up her mind to become an actress and moved to LA. Her talent and unique tender beauty were immediately noticed, and she was cast in the film “Music and Lyrics”. She has lots of hits in her resume as for now, and obviously, her best roles are yet to come.

Haley Bennett Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Haley Bennett Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Haley Bennett Family Members:

Haley Bennett’s Husband

Joe Wright (partner since 2018)

Date of birth: August 25, 1972

Haley Bennett Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Haley Bennett, who was previously noticed in the company of such actors as Rick Malambri and Ryan Eggold, started dating at the very beginning of 2018 and officially confirmed their relationships in September that year.

Haley made a great choice because her loved one is a famous film director, known by such hits as “Pride & Prejudice”, “Darkest Hour” and many others.

He was born in London, England and got brilliant education there. Since the earliest years, he was interested in various kinds of art, including painting and theater. He studied at Anna Scher Theatre School, and at first, was a theater and film actor. Then he gradually turned his face to directing and gained international popularity in this area.

Previously to Haley Bennett, Mr. Wright was married to Anoushka Shankar and has two sons with her. He was also engaged to Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike.


Haley Bennett’s Father

Ronald Keeling (father)

Haley Bennett is “Daddy’s girl”. She resided with her father in Ohio since she was 7. She moved to that state from Florida after her parents’ divorce. He ran a car store, was very active and didn’t stay in one and the same town for long, so Haley changed schools very often. He taught her to drive big massive cars and ride horses. The girl liked her dad very much, but when she got older, she became closer to her mother.

Haley Bennett’s Father

Ronald Keeling (father)

The actress doesn’t tell, who her mother was by profession, but she opens up, that Mrs. Bennett was an artist. Her name was Leilani, and she met Haley’s father in a church. They fell in love immediately, got married and moved to Florida, where Leilani gave birth to Haley. When the girl turned 6, her parents separated. She resided with her father for some time and then moved again with her mother. It was Mrs. Bennett, who taught the girl to love and to understand art. She supported her idea to become an actress, and after Haley’s graduation from school, they moved to Los Angeles.


Haley Bennett’s Kids

Virginia Willow Wright (daughter)

Date of birth: December 27, 2018

Haley Bennett Family Members and Net Worth 2019

Towards the end of 2018, Haley shared with her fans great news – she gave birth to a sweet baby. The actress didn’t share the sex and the name of her kid, but opened up, that the first letters of her child’s name are VWW. Bennett added that being a mother became a great experience for her.

Later it was publicised that VWW is a cute baby girl, her mother’s little copy. Her full name is Virginia Willow Wright. She has no full siblings, but has two older half-brothers from the father’s side, because a film director Joe Wright has two sons – Zubin and Mohan – from his previous relationships.

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