George R.R. Martin Net Worth 2020, Biography, and Career

George R.R. Martin Net Worth 2020, Biography, and Career

George R.R. Martin Net Worth 2020, Biography, and Career.

George R.R. Martin Net Worth 2020 – George Martin is the American fantasy writer, the laureate of many literary prizes, and the author of the famous book series A Song of Ice and Fire on which the popular series Game of Thrones was created in 2011.George R.R. Martin Net Worth 2020, Biography, and Career

Time included Martin in the list of the most influential people in the world.

George R.R. Martin Net Worth

George R.R. Martin is an American author and television producer.

George R.R. Martin has written some truly classic works in his career. He has contributed not just to the readers across the globe but has also written amazing scripts for film and television. His estimated net worth today is $90 million as of December 2020.

George is an inspiration to all of those who feel they do not have enough resources. He also has humble beginnings, but it big for himself through his own talent and effort.


The would-be writer was born on September 20, 1948, in the provincial town Bayonne, New Jersey.

He was the first child in the family of an ordinary longshoreman Raymond Collins Martin and his wife Margaret Brady Martin.

George Raymond Richard Martin grew up in a large, not-so-wealthy family that lived in the house in the First Street.

The writer’s roots are diverse: the father was the offspring of Italian and German migrants, and the mother descended from the noble Irish who played a significant role in the town life.

Besides, the writer has French, Welsh, and English roots. Margaret’s stories about the Brady dynasty and the remarkable Golden age embedded in the boy’s mind.


George started thinking about literature when he was a teenager. In 1965, as soon as he read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, young Martin tried to write.

He created the novella about R’hllor, the brave prince who was traveling through the Dothraki empire and looking for the demons and monsters who had murdered his grandfather Barristan the Bold. The young man did not finish the story, but the main characters’ names were used in further works.

In one of his interviews, Martin remembered the early writing period: when he read Lovecraft, he hoped that one day he would be able to write as good as the great writer did.

However, Tolkien’s books made him feel desperate: the beginning writer was sure he would never be even close to that mastery.

In 1971, George debuted in a magazine: Galaxy Science Fiction published his short story “The Hero.” The young man had been unlucky before: his work was rejected by editors 42 times.

Marital LifeGeorge R.R. Martin Net Worth 2020, Biography, and Career

The little-known writer Lisa Tuttle became George’s first lover. Together, they created the book Windhaven. Whether it was fortunate or not, but the relationship between the two artists failed.

In 1974, the writer proposed to Gale Burnick; their marriage lasted for five years.

Rumors had it that Martin’s personal life was stormy at that period; he was popular among women. In 1975, George met his future wife Parris McBride who was a fan of his books. In 2011, the couple officially married. George and Parris have no children.

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