Gay Anime Characters and Series You Should See Today

Gay Anime has been a part of anime for a long time. In most shows, we can find one or two characters who are homosexual. Sometimes their portrayal is quite realistic or interesting while other times they are usually used for comic purposes. Since I have already done a list of anime with lesbian characters, it’s about time I compile those who have gay anime characters. Let’s review them together.

Gay Anime

Here’s the list of top anime with gay characters. You can also watch many of these best gay anime on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

1. Doukyuusei (2016)

Unlike many of the other gay anime on this list which has a few gay characters who don’t affect the storyline much, Doukyuusei is a romantic genre gay anime movie.

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It is based on the homosexuality between the two male protagonists. Rhito is an A-level student while Hikaru is a guitarist in a band.

Though they walk on completely different paths fate pulls them together and Hikaru helps Rhito prepare for a chorus.

From here onwards the two start meeting regularly, eventually developing a romantic relationship.

2. Yuri!!! On ICE (2016)

‘Yuri!!! On ICE’ is a sports genre gay anime and is a very good one at that. The plot follows the life of Japanese figure skater Yuuri Katsuki who after a disheartening defeat is back at his family house.

Gay Anime

His window for bouncing back is getting slim and he isn’t much conscious about his weight gain. But a video of him doing a move that veteran figure skater Victor once did goes viral.

This leads Victor to reach out to him and become his mentor putting Yuuri back on the ice. In this anime, the main characters Yuuri and Victor fall in love and begin a romantic relationship.

3. Tiger and Bunny (2011)

If you have watched the superhero genre gay anime ‘Tiger and Bunny’, then you surely know who is responsible for the anime being on this list.

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Yup, I am talking about none other than Nathan Seymour whose alter-ego is the Hot Fire Emblem.

Earlier in the series, he can be seen hitting on men. The show is a funny one and has some over-the-top action sequences.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

I don’t know why gay anime characters keep on destroying humanity or at the very least put us on the brink of destruction.

Gay Anime

They have been doing it for so long that it makes me wonder if that’s what the future holds. In this anime too humanity is very close to being destroyed by so-called angels.

Our last hopes are Evangelion which can be piloted by certain individuals only. They are capable of defeating the angels.

Shinji Ikari is pushed into this world and now shoulder’s the weight of saving mankind. Will he be successful?

Shinji is supposedly homosexual because there was a brief moment when he was quite close to Kaworu Nagisa.

5. Devilman Crybaby (2018)

This gay anime deals with devils, demons, and Satan. Devils need a human host to take form but a strong-willed human can control them using the supernatural powers for themselves.

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Akira Fudou is a timid person but decides to help his friend who asks him to accompany him to a place to uncover the truth about devils.

The party turns violent as devils start decimating everyone. To save his friend Akira merges with devil Amon and defeats everyone thus becoming a devilman.

In this series, the character of Satan, Ryo, is shown to be homosexual as he falls in love with Akira.

6. Steins Gate (2011)

Alright, you know why I included ‘Steins; Gate’ on this list. It’s because of the character of Ruka Urushibar.

Gay Anime

The slim and slender-looking boy had me fooled for a certain number of episodes since I thought that there must be some problem with the subtitles.

Though Ruka is biologically a male, he likes to dress up as a girl and has more feminine characteristics than masculine ones. He has a crush on Rintarou which puts this gay anime on this list.

7. For You in Full Blossom (1996)

Mizuki is a Japanese track and field star. She wants to become better at it. She decides to join the high school in which her idol Izumi, a high jumper, goes to.

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But wait! That’s an all-boys school.

Mizuki decides to cross-dress and hide her true identity from everyone but the coming of a new student who makes people question their orientation can be a bit troublesome for her.

There are many instances of homosexuality in this gay anime. Hokuto Umeda, Akiha Hara are some of the queer characters.

8. One-Punch Man (2015)

‘One-Punch Man’ is my all-time favourite gay anime from the superhero genre. It is a parody, it is a comedy, it is an action-packed anime.

gay anime

The story follows the adventures of Saitama who after a certain set of regular exercises which he continues for over three years gains superhuman abilities to the extent that he can defeat anyone with just one punch.

The queer character that I am about is Puri Puri Prisoner. Yes, the superhero whose transformation makes him naked.

9. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (2012)

This is a vampire genre gay anime. The plot starts in 1868 when Dario Brando saves Geroge Joestar, an English nobleman.

Gay Anime

To repay Dario, George decides to give Dario’s son, Dio, shelter after his father passes away.

Unhappy with his current situation Dio decides to destroy the Joestar household and claim everything for himself. He also wields a powerful stone mask.

These events set off a rivalry that continues even after decades. Nearly five decades later the story is continued with George’s great-grandson at the epicenter.

The character of Dio is bisexual and overall the series has a homoerotic theme.

10. Hetalia Axis Powers (2009)

This is a unique gay anime. It is kind of like a parody of the entire world. The plot is set around the time of World War I and World War II.

Gay Anime

The countries are personified and given certain characteristic features. For example, Italy loves eating pasta, Germany is short-tempered, and so on.

The series is made for comic purposes only and is an attempt to make light of various political and historical events. The character of France is shown to be a gay anime character.

11. Cardcaptor Sakura (1998)

This gay anime belongs to the fantasy/magic genre. The plot follows the life of a young girl named Sakura.

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One day she finds a book filled with cards and before she could understand anything the cards are accidentally blown away and scattered all over the world.

Later, a beast from the books tells her that the cards are magical and can pose a great threat to the world.

She needs to get them back and seal them in the book. The gay characters here are Toya, Sakura’s older brother and Yukito, his best friend.

12. No. 6 (2011)

I watched No. 6 a few years ago. It has a decent plot but at times I thought that it could have been better.

The gay anime story is set in the aftermath of a war. Mankind has now started to reside in the peaceful six city-states which on the surface appears to be a utopia.

Gay Anime

Shion is an elite resident of the No. 6. His life changes when he meets a boy named Nezumi who was from the wasteland outside of the city.

Even after knowing that the boy is a fugitive Shion decides to protect him. After being found out Shion and his mother lose their elite status and are relocated.

Shion and Nezumi are reunited after a long time and they embark on an adventure which is going to unearth many secrets of No. 6.

13. Junjou Romantica (2008)

Junjou Romantica’ follows the gay anime story of three couples. The protagonist Misaki Takahashi is a normal high school student.

He is studying hard for the university entrance exams which will be held soon. Akihiko Usami, a famous author, happens to be Misaki’s brother’s best friend.

So, when he asks Misaki to help him the latter thinks that it will allow him to take some time off studying but turns out it is not so.

Akihiko’s stories have naughty themes and make Misaki cringe at first but later he starts discovering his naughty side.

The other two couples include professor Hiroki Kamijou and paediatrician Nowaki Kusama and Shinobu Takatsuki and professor You Miyagi.

Nowaki has fallen for professor Hiroki and vows to make him happy at any cost.

The latter relationship is a bit on the obsessive side since Shinobu falls for You Miyagi but realizes that he cannot have him.

14. Love Stage!! (2014)

Love stage!!’ is based on a popular gay anime shounen-ai manga of the same name.

The gay anime series has around 10 episodes and each episode is around 23 minutes long. Izumi Sena’s entire family is in the show business.

gay anime

His mother is an actress, his father is a producer and his brother is a rock star. But the only time Izumi was ever in the spotlight was during his childhood when he was in a commercial for a wedding magazine.

Though everyone expects him to eventually enter into the show business given his family background, Izumi has no such goals. He instead wants to become a manga artist.

The magazine for which Izumi did the commercial requires the original child actors to be present and thus he has to go.

There he meets Ryouma Ichijou who starred alongside Izumi in the commercial. Ryouma is a famous actor now but he tells Izumi that he has been harbouring feelings for him since their first meeting.

This is because Ryouma thinks Izumi is a girl due to his feminine appearance and a unisex name. But even after finding out the truth Ryouma can’t seem to stop himself from liking Izumi.

15. Uragiri wa Boku no Namae

Self-realization is a common theme in a shounen-ai gay anime. ‘Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru’ focuses on this theme too.

Gay Anime

Another thing which we see in various such anime are pretty, young, stylish men known as Bishounen (which means beautiful men).

‘Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru’ is a Bishounen anime too as there are lots of attractive male gay anime characters.

The setting of the series is really good and colourful. It has pretty decent art and music. These are one of the main reasons I decided to put this gay anime on this list.

The plot and character are good enough to carry on with the gay anime series.

The protagonist Yuki Sakurai has the unfortunate ability to see the most painful memory of a person just by touching them.

He feels deeply disturbed and confused as to why he has this ability. Some people want to harm him for his abilities while there are others who want to protect him.

One day he is saved by a handsome man who has black hair. Though they have met for the first time Yuki feels a deeper connection with the man.

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