Gavin Net Worth 2021, Biography, Career, Relationship and Awards

Gavin Net Worth 2021, Biography, Career, Relationship, and Awards.

Gavin Net Worth 2021 – Gavin Free is an English actor, internet personality, cinematographer, and director. He gained attention and acclaim for his work with Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. 

Gavin Net Worth


Rooster Teeth is an American production company with offices in Los Angeles, California, and Austin, Texas.

The company was founded in 2003 by Matt Hullum, Gus Sorola, Jason Saldaña, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, and Geoff Ramsey.

Biography of Gavin

Born on May 23, 1988, in Thame in Oxfordshire, England, Gavin Free’s age is 29.

His first major gig was working for Green Door Films, a company that was one of the first to use high-speed digital cameras, Phantoms, as part of everyday work.

His Career

Free, along with his friend Dan Crunchy, went on to create their Slo-Mo Guys channel for YouTube. There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of their work.

They are two guys that film ordinary (a water-balloon bursting) and unordinary (an RV being hit by a wrecking ball) with a high-speed camera and playing it back in slow motion.

Because of his expertise in slow motion, Free ended up working on a number of major films like Hot Fuzz, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and Dredd.

Gavin Net Worth

His Relationship

Since 2013, The Youtuber has been in a relationship with Meg Turney who is a noted internet personality known for her modeling and cosplaying.

She was born on the 12th of March, 1987. For a while, Megan also worked with Rooster Teeth on their show The Know which is the entertainment news faction of Rooster Teeth‘s online media empire.

The Know primarily focuses on current events in gaming, movies, technology, TV shows, and media, in general. The two have a good and admirable relationship, having been together for over five years.

However, their family life was disrupted when a supposed fan broke into their home in Austin with a gun. The gunman, Christopher Giles, was obsessed with Meg Turney and hated Gavin’s relationship with her.

The fan drove for 11 hours from Albuquerque to the couple’s home in Austin, Texas.

When Christopher Giles broke into their house, he fired one shot as Gavin and Meg hide in their closet and called the police; when the police arrived, they exchanged gunfire with the attacker and in the fight, the attacker was killed by one of the police officers.

Gavin Net Worth

Gavin Awards

In 2016, Gavin Free won the ‘Streamy Award’ for cinematography. In the same year, he was also nominated for a Webby Award for the Best Web Personality/Host (Online Film & Video) category for his work on The Slow Mo Guys.

Gavin Net Worth

The Youtube celebrity currently has a net worth of $5 Million which is impressive for someone whose platform is primarily online.

However, when you consider the fact that Gavin has worked for several movies such as Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Snow White and the Huntsman – it’s also understandable. 

He has also lent his talent and skills to several television shows such as Top Gear.