Gary Cohn Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram

Gary Cohn Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Height, Weight, Awards, and Instagram.

Gary Cohn Net Worth –  is the current Director of National Economic Council, USA, and President Donald Trumps economic adviser.

He has played an important role in revolutionizing tax system in the United States for the past year. Mr. Cohn an investment banker by profession. He announced on 6th of March 2018 that he will be resigning soon.

Gary Cohn Net Worth


Gary Cohn was born August 27, 1960, in Cleveland, Ohio. Cohn is of Jewish descent. His father was an electrician turned real estate developer. While Cohn eventually blossomed into a successful investment banker, he struggled in school at a young age and was diagnosed with dyslexia.

That did not slow him down, however, as he went on to graduate from American University’s Kogod School of Business and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Cohn majored in finance, real estate, and urban development.

Cohn was an options dealer in the New York Mercantile Exchange before being recruited by Goldman Sachs in 1990. He was later promoted to head of the commodities department before being named the head of the Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities division.

Two yeras later, Cohn was named the co-head of global securities businesses and in 24 months he became president and co-CEO.

The 57-year-old ultimately left Goldman Sachs to join the Trump administration where he was named the Director of National Economic Council. He was also a main economics advisor to President Donald Trump before resigning from the rule in March 2018.

It is believed that Cohn’s resignation came after a disagreement on the president’s proposal to impose import tariffs on steel and aluminum.

After completing his studies, he started his career from the U.S. Steel home products division in Cleveland. After a few months, he left US Steel and became an options dealer in New York Stock Exchange. He was recruited by Goldman Sachs in 1990.

He then worked his way up till he became the President, COO and Director of Goldman Sachs in June 2006. Gary Cohn was appointed by the Trump administration as the Director of National Economic Council on January 20, 2017. He has been serving the country since then, until he announced his resignation on March 6, 2018.

Gary Cohn Net Worth

Height and Weight

height 6 feet 3 inches

weight 100kg


With Will Englund, he won the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting.

Net Worth 2020

There is a large gap in the projections of Cohn’s net worth, with online reports indicating his assets are valued between $252 million and $611 million according to his financial disclosure documents.


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