Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career and Relationship

Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020, Biography, Career, and Relationship

Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020 – Antique collection and restoration is a rare hobby that people go into for fun or for the joy of saving up the past for the benefit of the future generation.

Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020

However, the opposite is the case with veteran antique collector and restorer Frank Fritz who abandoned his job as a fire inspector and went into the antique collection business as a career which has proved to be tremendously successful today.

Frank Fritz Net Worth

Fritz joined is co-host of History channel reality Television series, American Pickers since the inception on 18th January 2010.

The debut of the show recorded 3.7 million viewers. Along with fame, the show has helped him promote Antique business. The other host of the show is his childhood friend Mark Wolfe.

On November 26, 2013, Frank published the book “How to Pick Vintage Motorcycles” reflecting on his journey from his first 1964 Harley Davidson to the different vintage motorcycle he collected along the way.

Frank is reported to earn $500,000 salary a year from the American Pickers without including the earning from the sale of antiques. Taking all of his income sources into account, Frank has an estimated net worth over $4m.

Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020

Biography of Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz, TV star and celebrity was born on October 11, 1965. By nationality, Frank is American but by ethnicity he is white.

He was born into a middle-class family in Davenport, Iowa in the United States of America, his mother earned a living taking care of other people’s children as a nanny while his father had a job at a dispensary.

He was brought up in Ohio along with his sister who is a few years older than him. Frank has a Christian upbringing and is known to be even-tempered and sociable.

He attended his high school at a local school but declined to proceed to college afterward for reasons best known to him rather, he started going about picking unique antiquated items that may have significance to a place, people, tribe or historical time.

Just like a modern-day Archeologist, Frank was interested in antiques but the only difference is that he does not have to engage in digs to gather his own treasures rather he picks them from different places.

Frank Fritz Career

During his early ages, he had a hobby of collecting antiques and junk. Later, he made a career out of it. In his early career, he worked as a fire and safety inspector for 25 years but that passion for collecting never faded.

When two of the best friends come with a shared passion, then it becomes nothing short of perfection. The same happened with Mike and Frank when they became an entrepreneur from collectors. Frank co-founded Antique Archaeology with Mike Wolfe.

The collector sells his finds in his own shop and website. Together with Mike Wolfe, they run the American Pickers which is a reality-based Television series on History channel. The show premiered on 18th January 2010.

Frank introduces himself as a modern-day recycler and is interested in old bikes, toys, cars and anything old and unusual.

He is so obsessed with old bikes in particular that his friend Mike has to intervene to stop him from buying another antique bike.

When Hillary Manser was stunned by the death of his uncle, Richard Roy, Frank and Mike decided to dedicate a segment of their show in his tribute. In January 2016, American Pickers featured breath-taking collectibles of cars, ice skates, and bicycles of Roy.


These days Fritz regularly updates another Facebook page and has shared about having a relationship with a lady named Diann.

Together the couple is seen hand in hand be it a red carpet event or enjoying a vacation or strolling around the place. Also, Diann provides a helping hand in his Antique business.

Fritz calls Diann his better half and adores her very much. She is divorced from her ex-husband and had a daughter Paige.

Judging by the current situation, it won’t be a surprise if the two are planning on getting married or have secretly taken the marriage vow.

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