Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

Frank Fritz Net Worth – Frank Fritz is an American reality star and antique collector who has a net worth of $4 million dollars.

Frank Fritz was born on October 11, 1965, in Davenport, Iowa, where he found an early passion as a “picker“, collecting rocks and beer cans as a kid.Frank Fritz Net Worth 2020

Early Life, Family, and Education

Frank Fritz, TV star and celebrity were born on October 11, 1965. By nationality, Frank is American but by ethnicity he is white.

He was born into a middle-class family in Davenport, Iowa in the United States of America, his mother earned a living taking care of other people’s children as a nanny while his father had a job at a dispensary.

He was brought up in Ohio along with his sister who is a few years older than him. Frank has a Christian upbringing and is known to be even-tempered and sociable.

He attended his high school at a local school but declined to proceed to college afterward for reasons best known to him rather, he started going about picking unique antiquated items that may have significance to a place, people, tribe or historical time.

Just like a modern-day Archeologist, Frank was interested in antiques but the only difference is that he does not have to engage in digs to gather his own treasures rather he picks them from different places.

Personal Life

Since Frank is taciturn with information about his love life, many people have concluded that he must be gay, but this is just an assumption which has not been confirmed.

Over the years, the media has managed to confuse us with pictures of Frank with different women but who can tell whether he is involved with them in a romantic way or not?

Frank has never been involved in any marriage to date. No wife, no children, and no divorce.

Because of so much secrecy with regards to his relationships, people have started to speculate that he must be romantically involved with his partner Mike in a homosexual relationship.

It has also been rumored that he married his longtime girlfriend Jodi Faeth, in 2012 but this is still not confirmed.

Another rumor says that he is currently in a relationship with a woman, but Frank has not disclosed much about it but he has been found photographed with her on more than one occasion.


Frank worked as a fire inspector for almost 25 years. He was known to cover the areas between Des Moines and Cedar falls in Iowa, however, the passion for collecting antiques was already burning in him and this was later identified as the reason why he did not proceed to college to pursue higher education.

His interest in antique collection grew so much that he decided to quit his job as a safety and fire instructor to pursue his passion.

At a very young age, Frank fancied collecting rock along with Mike Wolfe. Mike is a friend Frank he made when he was in high school. The duo has a similar interest in antiques.

Like Frank, Mike started with rocks and old can beers and as he grew up, his interest moved to vintage cars and toys.

The two friends later founded the “Antique Archeology” shop which is in Iowa’s Le Claire where the junks and antiques are cleaned up and refurbished for sale to the public.

The co-founders traveled all over the country, visiting over two hundred cities looking for junks and antiques to refurbish and sell to the public via their Antique Archeology shop.

However, there came a quantum leap in the life of Frank Fritz in 2010. Together with his partner Mike, he was called to host the American Pickers Show by the History Channel.

The show has brought him popularity because it has grown to become one of the most successful shows with very high ratings.

The show is staged in such a way that the co-presenters do the same thing they would do on their normal everyday routine, i.e traveling around the country looking for vintage and rare items to refurbish.

The debut of the American Pickers Show recorded 3.7 million watchers. The show has made the “Antique Archeology” shop even more popular with many viewers of the show patronizing the shop in their thousands.

Their adventure did not stop there, the duo has also founded the Kid Pickers website which is meant for kids to discuss the items they found. They also co-founded the restoration company which functions in refurbishing and reselling of antiques.

Frank has made appearances in many shows including Rachael RayWho Wants to Be a MillionaireAmerican RestorationPawn Stars, and a host of others.


Without the bonuses he receives from show ratings, Franks salary is pegged at $300,000 per season.

His total net worth which is $3 million comes mainly from his salary, proceeds from the Antique shop and show ratings from the shows he hosts.

Whoever thought collecting old discarded items is capable of making one a millionaire.

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