Francine Lons Net Worth Update 2021, Early Life, Daughter and Career

Francine Lons Net Worth Update 2021, Early Life, Daughter and Career.

Francine Lons Net Worth – Not many people may know this, but singer Keyshia has two lovely mom’s Francine Lons and Yvonne Cole.

Keyshia is the biological daughter of boxer Virgil hunter and Francine Lons. She was adopted by Yvonne Cole and Leon at the age 2.

Super talented Singer cum Record producer Keyshia Cole has made a name for herself with songs like ‘Just Like You and Heaven Sent.’ Before she was a teenager, she started singing.

Net worth

Her primary source is a singing career. Cole has so far released seven albums. Her wealth is mostly contributed fro albums, royalty, television shows, and her music tours.

She has also made guest appearances in other TV shows and movies. That way, she has managed to accumulate wealth.

As of 2021, Keyshia Cole has a Net Worth of $9.5 million.

Francine Lons Net Worth

Keyshia is the biological daughter of actress Francine Lons and boxing trainer Virgil Hunter. She was later adopted by Yvonne Cole and Leon at the age of 2 where she inherited her last name as Cole.

She also shared a post on Instagram illustrating her relationship with her biological parents.

R&B singer Keyshia came to know her birth father after she decided for DNA test with Virgil Hunter. In her Instagram.

Through her pictures, the singer has shown love and gratitude to her biological parents. She also said that she fears to lose them. She has also disclosed the battle with an addiction to her mother Francine Lons.

Yvonne Cole along with her husband Leon adopted Keyshia when she was just 2 years old and Keyshia was soon given the surname Cole.

As her fame took a summit, the Cole family has expressed their disappointment of not getting enough attention in camera.

Francine Lons Net Worth

Keyshia was lucky in a sense to find such a lovable and responsible family. She was brought up nice by Yvonne. The relationship between the mother and daughter is happy and healthy since.

Keyshia’s mother Yvonne has also featured in Keyshia’s fourth album called Calling All Hearts.

Mother Yvonne along with her daughter Keyshia has collaborated in her son Sean Cole’s song “When Will Heaven Call.”