FaZe Jev Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

FaZe Jev Net Worth 2020, Biography, Early Life, Education, Career and Achievement

FaZe Jev Net Worth – If there is one thing that is quite the reality of this era, it is that a vast number of people are making a living out of playing games on social media platforms.

As crazy as that may sound, in this digital generation, it is nothing but a sound fact! Meet Jason Eugene, a 26-Year-Old gamer, who is almost as big as a show biz superstar, for his ‘YouTube’ channel titled ‘FaZe Jev.’

FaZe Jev Net Worth 2020

FaZe Jev Net Worth

Early Life, Family and Education

FaZe Jev was born on 18 October 1993 in New Jersey, USA. FaZe Jev real name is Jason Eugene but has not revealed his last name to the public. He is an American and is of mixed ethnicity.

Further, he grew up with his three siblings. Also, most of his childhood remains a mystery to the masses. According to sources, he is currently living with his grandparents.

Personal Life

Who Is FaZe Jev’s Girlfriend?

FaZe Jev is currently in a relationship with the social media star, Alexis aka Soar AbstractSweater. His girlfriend is also active on all over the social media but not as famous as him.

She uploaded on her account often posts photos on her social pages.  Currently, the couple is living in New Jersey along with their cat, Cameron, and a dog, Ahri.


The exploration of the internet and explosive maturation of social media, no doubt, have been very fantastic and beneficial to so many young people, including FaZe Jev. He is one of the internet superstars who make neat earnings from creating, editing and playing all manner of videos games.

Jev actually started out small by making and editing videos for his YouTube while he was working a full-time job with overtime. At the time, he would spend almost four to five hours editing and getting several games ready for his new YouTube channel.

The talented gamer eventually launched his channel titled: poketLWEWT in 2009, after some years of hard work and relentless commitment. His first video, which he titled: Modern Warfare 3 game, made its way to the internet on January 7, 2012, but failed to make waves at the time.

In the same year, FaZe went on to upload three other viral videos – introduction video for Cure (precisely in August 2012), Why I left Focus (April 2012), and introduction to Focus video (March 2012).

The following year, the YouTuber wowed his fans by dropping Why I left Cure in March and Why I left Darth in September. The successes of these super games led to Jev securing a spot among YouTube gaming elites.

He would later join the famous FaZe Clan in 2014 after the group discovered his talent, creativity, and the strategic ways he overcomes tough levels. The FaZe clan is a group of talented YouTube gamers who compete with other gaming teams online.

Besides his incredible talents as a YouTube gamer, Jev is also in the limelight for his love for pink headsets and hilarious commentaries and rants during his games.

He also uploads vlogs on his channel, where he shares his ideas on random issues about his life, career, upbringing, family background, and personal challenges as well.


Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

FaZe Jev Net Worth

Ever since the American YouTuber stormed the mainstream, he has been moving from one level to another. Jev’s robust career is tied to his hard work and creativity which makes him outstanding among his contemporaries.

He may not be the highest-paid YouTuber/gamer but he sure boasts a fast-rising net worth. His fans on the internet alone are one of the major reasons his fortune keeps increasing.

FaZe Jev makes his wealth basically from his involvement in the gaming world. At the moment, his net worth reportedly sits at $700, 000, which is not bad considering the few years he has put in.

Nonetheless, if he continues to impress his fans with his creativity, we are pretty sure his fortune will double in the near future.