Fausto Gallardo Net Worth 2021, Bio, Relationship, and Career Updates

Fausto Gallard is a Mexican environment politician activist who is widely famous for being the ex-husband of famous American-Mexican chef Marcela Valladolid. Gallardo thinks in hard labor, and his efforts are geared towards conserving the surroundings. Fausto Gallardo Net Worth 2021 together with other personal information about him will be discussed in this article.

Fausto Gallard Biography

The birthplace of Fausto Gallard is Tijuana, Mexico who was born on 1st June 1970. The Mexican citizenship holder belongs to mixed ethnicity. He completed his secondary education in Tijuana, Mexico.

Fausto Gallard Relationship

Fausto Gallard is possibly single at the moment while he was previously married to Marcela Valladolid. His ex-wife, Marcela is an American-Mexican chef who is one of the most appreciated and respected chefs all around Mexico and the United States.

They married twice with each other in their life. Their marriage lasted for around a decade and later, the differences between them started to occur. After they separated for the first time in the year 2003 and again they re-married after realizing their mistakes in June 2012.

Moreover, they again could not take their relationship for a long time and divorced again while the reason behind their divorce was said to be an affair of Marcela with Paul Hollywood as per some online resources.

They welcomed their first child as a son, Fausto in the year 2004 while they gave birth to their second son, David in April 2015.

Fausto Gallardo Lifetime Achievements and Awards

There is no information currently available regarding his lifetime achievements and awards.

Fausto Gallard Career

Fausto Gallard started his professional career as an environmental political activist. He is so hardworking that he loves spending his time doing various political activities.

Fausto likes creating a society to more eco-friendly. Further, he has also engaged in analyzing, soliciting, and volunteering to create several changes in society.

Fausto Gallardo has become a politician who’s thinking about this environment’s security. He believes that the environment protected and ought to be maintained for posterity.

He’s been engaged in development and research. Creating a society is the assignment, also he’s been trying to this. He also thinks that since the world is becoming polluted by global warming, the environment has to be maintained.

He’s managed to generate awareness among the people. There’s not any rumor of almost any kind doing the rounds presently from Fausto Gallardo’s name.

Fausto Gallardo Net Worth

According to some online resources, the average salary of an American environmental activist is $34.88k per year while an American political activist also receives $32.78k as an average salary per year. Similarly, Fausto might be earning a salary around the same range.

As of now, Fausto lives a luxurious lifestyle with all the amount that he collects from his profession. Before the divorce, he enjoyed $500 thousand as the net worth with his ex-wife, Marcela Valladolid.

There are no records available currently regarding his salary and net worth but his wife Marcella’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million and a salary be circa $250,000 per month

Social Media

Fausto Gallardo seems to be active on Twitter with more than 1.8K followers. But he is not active on Instagram and Facebook.

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